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  1. Jedi2x98

    Raised Panel Lines

    hey, so i have an Italeri U-2R Senior Span in 1/48 scale and it has raised panel lines. is it better to rescribe them and do a panel line wash or just pre-shade them? if i need to rescribe them, how to?? ???
  2. Jedi2x98

    Gloss Coats

    Just asking, will the type of gloss coat that you use affect the paint? (Smudge it and stuff) :-\ And is there any Acrylic Gloss Coat in Spray Can form? Thinking of getting them....
  3. Jedi2x98

    Cockpit detailing

    Well, aircraft models have really detailed cockpit sometimes, but i just mess it up. Anyone has any advice and stuff on cockpit detailing? Thanks!;D
  4. Jedi2x98

    McDonnell-Douglas F-15B Eagle, 71-0290-Anyone got the colour scheme?

    Well, this F-15B looks really good and im planning on making it, but i dont have the full colour scheme and patterns for this aircraft. Anyone has any info on this? :-\
  5. Jedi2x98

    Italeri 1/48 F-16 ADF Green Lightning

    My Italeri 1/48 scale of the F-16 ADF Green lightning is completed! :D Inbox review followed by the build.... Italeri 1/48 F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours - Inbox Review Italeri 1/48 F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours - The Build Enjoy! ;D Jedi2x98
  6. Jedi2x98

    Attach youtube video?

    This question may be a little dumb but how do you attach a youtube video into the 'New topic' so i can post a youtube video onto the forum?
  7. Jedi2x98

    Spray Cans!

    Planning on using spray cans to spray paint my models, but is non modelling brands safe to use on my models? :-\
  8. Jedi2x98

    Italeri F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours 1/48 Scribing of panel lines?

    Panel Lines! Does the F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours by Italeri need further scribing of panel lines? Kinda new at it so yea...... ;D