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  1. lancerunolfsson

    Hobby Boss How hard do they suck and in what ways?

    All the build videos I watched were 1/72's and seemed to follow the same parts breakdown. So I thought they were original kits. They seemed to fit together very easily and well. That was the attraction to me. Though on second look the I-16 was another manufacturer.
  2. lancerunolfsson

    Hobby Boss How hard do they suck and in what ways?

    I haven't built anything since '93 and before that nothing since '70. I've picked 1/72 scale and aircraft. I'm Building a Smer Shenyang J.2 right now I'm spending a lot of time with sandpaper and puty and I'm not good at it (yet?). None of the parts fit together too terribly well. Or I was not...
  3. lancerunolfsson

    1/8 Nike Zeus.

    Do you get multiple flights of all your fine work with a parachute recovery? Or is it One and Done?
  4. lancerunolfsson

    NOW COMPLETE: Spanish Panzer I Ausf. A Breda 1/16 AMMO/Takom

    I realy like the appearance of this vehicle. Though it is only a minor modification of the P I really it adds up to a completely different look. Really good modeling and photography too.
  5. lancerunolfsson

    Airix 1/72 Boomerang RAAF 4 SQN

    I love stuff that is out of the ordinary.
  6. lancerunolfsson

    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    Nice series on the progression of the build.
  7. lancerunolfsson

    First Build In 28 Years

    TRFT, Here is some of my wargame stuff I have not updated in 6 years. Lance's Wargame Page Check back on Friday I'll try to put more stuff up.
  8. lancerunolfsson

    First Build In 28 Years

    Thanks TRT I've got a couple of guys that have been putting up with my house rules for 20+ years. Generally they are much more simple than the commercial sets. We want to get done in an hour or two. Usually buckets of dice some time's card activation movement, sometimes move. I always dick up...
  9. lancerunolfsson

    USS Enterprise E from Star Trek Nemesis

    Wow, I'm impress just by the sheer number and complexity of the decals you are going to wind up placing.
  10. lancerunolfsson

    First Build In 28 Years

    So a few sessions later. I had developed such tunnel vison on that tail that I wound up gluing the fuselage together with out without gluing in the intake and the exhaust first. The intake was a simple fix with putty when it would not fit all the way in. The exhaust on the other hand...
  11. lancerunolfsson

    Force Awakens 1/144 Millennium Falcon from Bandai

    The way the panel lines are picked out so precisely and varied in shade is realy great! Along with the other details and weathering makes for a masterpiece.
  12. lancerunolfsson

    A return to modeling after near 40 years

    Nice Tiger and RC!
  13. lancerunolfsson

    Verlinden 1/16 German Trench Raider

    I have beenout of touch with other hobbyists for so long I don't know anything. Still fine work on that you clearly have that technique down.
  14. lancerunolfsson

    Verlinden 1/16 German Trench Raider

    Nice model. But the wood grains you did are truly amazing! You should do a video on how to do that someday if you have the time.
  15. lancerunolfsson

    Putty Test

    Sorry I was at this point looking for future reference. I fixed my problem (I didn't need putty at all in the end) I was interest in how these other materials worked. Kneadatite should work for every thing for me. Now that I no it does not melt styrene. I have a lot experience with it. But if I...
  16. lancerunolfsson

    Putty Test

    So you sand it while it is still soft enough to indent? I didn't try. If you did need to push it around when you applied it what would you used? I'm used to using metal tools ( I only use Kneadatite) with a little spit to keep the tools from sticking. I'm think for like filling holes in wings...
  17. lancerunolfsson

    Putty Test

    Now before I had watched a lot of build videos or asked advice. I ordered some Testors Contour Putty because that was the only thing i knew existed that would not melt plastic. The Kneadatite (AKA Green Stuff) that I use on metal and for sculpting melted plastic on me when I tried it on plastic...
  18. lancerunolfsson

    First Build In 28 Years

    Thanks TRFT. Well That fixed it. Glued the rest of the fuselage then bent the tail into position clamped and glued. Rough time with the jet intake a lot of sanding and still a gap. I can fix that with a little Green stuff. Sort of like blowing an FX shot and saying "We'll fix it in post production."
  19. lancerunolfsson

    First Build In 28 Years

    I just realized last night what the fix for this is. This stuff is plastic. It bends. So I Just glue the rest of the hull together then after its set up bend the rudder into position clamp it then glue it with Ultra Thin.
  20. lancerunolfsson

    Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion AT-RT

    Neat model, great paint job.