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  1. Hagoth

    Blohm & Voss BV 155V-1

    Interesting. You have broadened my knowledge of WWII planes with one I had never seen before.
  2. Hagoth

    1/48th Scale Saturn V

    Impressive amount of work and detail here. Impressive to see this launch. I watched a friend launch a 24" 3D printed version just last week.
  3. Hagoth

    Revell 1/72 MV-22 Osprey

    Very nicely done with the lighting, motors, and extra attention to details. Makes for a great display piece.
  4. Hagoth

    Truckbed Trailer COMPLETE BUILD

    That's a blue ribbon finish in my opinion!
  5. Hagoth

    Hello from a Newbie to this Forum

    Welcome! Nice to have another SciFi enthusiast around. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, custom designs... Large model stash = Never bored during retirement!
  6. Hagoth

    Truckbed Trailer COMPLETE BUILD

    Nicely done! Really like the banged up look of it.
  7. Hagoth

    F-4 Phantom love in Japan

    One of my first favorite planes.
  8. Hagoth

    Aoshima Super Oversize Thunderbird 2 WIP

    This is really fun to watch this project materialize. Realy cool work here!
  9. Hagoth

    Imai/Bandai 1:72 Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1J with LEDs

    This is impressive lighting work here.
  10. Hagoth

    Tamiya f4u 1/32 bubbletop

    This will be a fun one to watch. Love this plane. Built a 1/48 scale version a very long time ago. I have a 1/32 Spitfire and a Stuka. The detail is impressive at that scales. Welcome to the clan!
  11. Hagoth

    Revell Voyager - slow progress!

    Custardchris, Have you tried a different type of masking tape? I have found that 3M blue painters tape sticks well enough and doesn't pull up the surface you are trying to protect if properly cured. Seems to cut easier for me when trimming against details. The best general tip is what Urumomo...
  12. Hagoth

    Messed up decals?

    Scanning the decal sheet before you start. What a simple and genius idea!
  13. Hagoth

    Aoshima Super Oversize Thunderbird 2 WIP

    Doing some really excellent detailing on this and having fun at the same time. It's kind of nice to have room for creative license like this.
  14. Hagoth

    USS Enterprise E from Star Trek Nemesis

    Such attention to so many little details. Looking very cool!
  15. Hagoth

    Thunderbirds "The Mole" WIP.

    Very impressive looking! Ready for a face off with the Underminer!
  16. Hagoth

    Bandai , Mecha Collection # 03 . Karakrum Class Combatant Ship

    Ah yes! I remember that one. You got a couple likes out of me on that one. :cool:
  17. Hagoth

    Thunderbirds "The Mole" WIP.

    Nice progress. Looks like you have been blessed with some accommodating weather for painting lately.
  18. Hagoth

    Hello all

    Very nicely done! Ranks right up as expert technique in my book.
  19. Hagoth

    Bandai , Mecha Collection # 03 . Karakrum Class Combatant Ship

    Very impressive looking for such small models. Very nicely done.