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  1. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    My builds of 2020

    It's been a long time since I visited here. Things have been busy between work and family and I thought I'd share some of my builds I completed during this pandemic. The Panzer is my first complete build of 2021. The pink and silver gasser is complete but my custom decals were not applied yet.
  2. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Hobby Lobby 40% Off Plastic Kits

    You can get 40% on model kits everyday - sale or no sale. Just go to the Hobby Lobby site on your phone, click on get coupon for in store use. I do it all the time but not just on models, everything model related (paint, glues, tools, etc...) and whatnot.
  3. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Looking for spare parts

    I'm looking for spare parts from a 1/32 scale P-51 Mustang kit. Main struts and tires, including tail wheel & strut Cowl Propeller with spinner nose Cockpit side instrument pieces Radiator gunsight
  4. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    66 Batmobile.

  5. BlackSheepTwoOneFour


    Glad you were able to finish it. I hear you when it comes to numerous flash. AMT kits now are loaded with them. Most likely they’re using old molds that’s cauing the flash.
  6. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Bringing someone new into the hobby

    But to answer the OP's original question. I would start off with something simple; as others mentioned Snap kits. There are numerous stuff out there. Star Wars, Gundam, aircrafts, armour, and whatnot. Find out what he likes.
  7. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Bringing someone new into the hobby

    Wow... looks like Robotism needs a new hobby. He's been pretty critical over in FSM as well. None of your responses have been productive nor helpful. Dude... chill out.