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  1. Quaralane

    German U-boat Type VIIB Conning Tower Gun Deck and Figures

    End result looks very much worth the effort it took to reach
  2. Quaralane

    It's back up!

    Not so much 'still here' as 'finding our way back,' Hagoth Good to have you back
  3. Quaralane

    The Eternal Struggle

    Oh, you are DEFINITELY insane, Klaus But in a good way This should be an interesting one to follow
  4. Quaralane

    USS Abaddon-Goliath Class Dreadnought-Now with Links to Finished Pics and Video

    Looks good, Trek Good to have you back among us
  5. Quaralane

    Revell 1/72 P-39

    Very cool. I'm amazed that ANY of the old decals worked for you
  6. Quaralane

    Bandai 1/72 A-Wing

    Looks really good there, Scott. Reminds me of my Jade Seven A-Wing from the '16 BSC
  7. Quaralane

    Thunder Models 1/35 Case Tractor

    Looks like plenty of work went into this one
  8. Quaralane

    A big hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome aboard, David. I don't do a lot of cars myself, but I'll definitely watch the builds
  9. Quaralane

    Bandai Mini T-70 color swap

    Quick little build I did of a couple of Bandai's little 1/144 scale X-wing fighters My plan was to build them mostly stock, but swap the markings between the two planes, basically putting the orange markings omn the white one and the blue markings on the black one The white X-wing sprue The...
  10. Quaralane

    Bandai B-wing

    Not sure where we actually lost things, so I'm just sharing some stuff from late last and early this year I apologize for the lack of build pics on this one, but it went together fairly quickly Build up of what has to be one of the oddest looking fighters used by the Rebel Alliance Finished...
  11. Quaralane

    Doppelkonig mit Pommes

    One heck of a beast you have going here
  12. Quaralane

    It's back up!

    I definitely hear you there
  13. Quaralane

    Tamiya 1:12 F1 WR1 WIP

    Looking VERY good there
  14. Quaralane

    So...we're back?

    There's actually a topic down further where we all came to realize it's back. Scott, however, is no longer running things
  15. Quaralane

    Autonomous Auto Racing

    Definitely looks good
  16. Quaralane

    Takom King Tiger Initial

    Good to hear
  17. Quaralane

    It's back up!

    And I just realized....I'm still a mod
  18. Quaralane

    Takom King Tiger Initial

    Base is looking good. As is the top of that KT
  19. Quaralane

    It's back up!

    I just checked on it one day and found it running again. I may start posting builds again fairly soon
  20. Quaralane

    It's back up!

    Just to let you know, Scott isn't running things, though. Be curious to hear from whoever actually is running things