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  1. the Baron

    A big hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the resurrected Herd, David! I look forward to seeing your builds.
  2. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Yep. Or like classic toy soldiers, from back in the day.
  3. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Thanks! Yes, I like the gloss finish, because it hearkens back to the classic toy soldier look. But I do use castings with as much detail as possible, and as you see, I try to pick out or use that detail. I've got lots more in the stash, and I've been painting over the winter. Though most of...
  4. the Baron

    Academy 1/72 P-40B

    Right. Notice how the fairings are rounded on top? On the Frog/Academy kit, those sides form right-angled edges with the top of the fairings, forming a flat top, and a square profile. That's what I mean. I had to round them over.
  5. the Baron

    Academy 1/72 P-40B

    On the real aircraft, the fairings are curved in cross-section, almost a parabolic curve, largest at the front, where the blast tubes protrude, tapering to the trailing edge. Frog molded the parts as square in cross-section. When you looked at them head-on, you saw a square. I don't have any...
  6. the Baron

    Autonomous Auto Racing

    Very cool! Lots of tiny, rectangular masks, I take it?
  7. the Baron

    Revell 1/72 P-39

    OK, here's the last one that I finished, during the forum's dark time. This is the old Revell P-39 Airacobra in 1/72. Simple kit, older than I am, I think. This time, I had volunteered to do a demo on applying decals, and I grabbed this kit to finish it up to the point of apply decals. It...
  8. the Baron

    Academy 1/72 P-40B

    Well, it's the old Frog kit, really. I didn't know that at the time, but when I learned that Academy reboxed that old kit, it explained a lot. I got this as the "get one" in a "buy one-get one free" sale at my local HobbyTown. The kit I bought was the Tom Daniel Red Baron hot rod from...
  9. the Baron

    A Pair of Ponies-Monogram and ICM P-51Bs in 1/48 scale

    Trying to remember where I left off posting my airplane builds here. I don't think I posted this build before the site went dark. I did a side-by-side build of the old Monogram and the ICM P-51B kits, because I like the P-51B, and I was curious to see how both companies tackled engineering the...
  10. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    This next figure is an officer from the allied army, an officer of Luckner's Hussars in Hannoverian service, circa 1760: This is a Stadden casting, and after painting the Franklin Mint castings, and Hecker & Goros, Sanderson, Puchala, and other makers' castings, I'm spoiled by their crisp...
  11. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Another one finished, a Hauptmann of the Grenadier-Garde-Battalion, casting from Tradtion... Here is perhaps the most exotic of soldiers in Frederick's army, a Bosniak officer, in the uniform introduced at or after the end of the war: The Bosniaks were lancers, and they had unusual...
  12. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Now that the forum is back, I have to see where I left off. I've finished a number of figures since my last post. Here are some personality figures, depicting generals in Frederick's army. They are all castings by Rylit in Germany. The first is General Henri Auguste de la Motte Fouque...
  13. the Baron

    Nitto PKA Ausf G "Gustav"

    As a followup... The glue was still wet, when I took these photos. You can see uncured white glue under the suit's right foot. In the week between MosquitoCon and MFCA, I replaced the foam base with one made from 2-part epoxy putty. As a result, the figure is anchored better to the pedestal...
  14. the Baron

    Nitto PKA Ausf G "Gustav"

    Well, now that Scale Model Addict is back in business, I can show that I was busy in the meantime, and actually do finish a kit occasionally. Here is my latest, Nitto's old Gustav kit. I started this on a Saturday in March, and finished it over three weekends. I wanted to have something...
  15. the Baron

    It's back up!

    Well, thanks, Blackbeard, for reviving the site! It was sad that it had to go into hiatus, but good to have it back now.
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    USS Abaddon-Goliath Class Dreadnought-Now with Links to Finished Pics and Video

    Re: Super Dreadnought TOS Style Very cool! I remember when I first got my "Star Fleet Technical Manual" back in the day, and I saw the other designs, from the destroyer to the dreadnaught, and I wondered why there weren't kits of them (that was before the big black slab appeared in my backyard...
  17. the Baron

    Aoshima's USS Wasp CV-7, in 1/700

    I got a bulletin about this kit yesterday, in a newsletter from FreeTime Hobbies: "Aoshima USS Wasp (3rd version) Aoshima is releasing another variant of their Wasp kit. I don't have much information on this yet, but, based on the second version (with spitfires) and the boxart of this one, it...
  18. the Baron

    Blue Ridge Models USS Wolverine in 1/700

    I received an update about this kit, yesterday, through FreeTime Hobbies' newsletter: "Blue Ridge Models USS Wolverine We announced this kit because we were within 2 weeks of having them shipped out... and then the unthinkable happened... the master pattern hull was dropped and broken beyond...
  19. the Baron

    Removing old dried on glue.

    Second that! I use polishing pads, which go from 1800 grit to 3600, I think, in a series of 5 or 6 successively finer grits. I recommend them highly for your tool kit.
  20. the Baron

    Removing old dried on glue.

    It's tough to say for sure, given that you don't know for sure what kind of glue was used. If you think it was CA glue (superglue), you could try a cotton swab dipped in acetone, which will dissolve the glue. You have to be careful, because it can also melt styrene, though a swab soaked in the...