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  1. TheRaceforTerra

    Enamel Filters: When and How to Use?

    Hi guys, I have a nascent Youtube channel focused on how to apply weathering techniques to warhammer models, but where I am also beginning to cover scale models. Here is my first scale model-centric tutorial. Feeback welcome!
  2. TheRaceforTerra

    Appropriate Place to Post a Video Tutorial?

    Hi guys, I have a small, non-monetised Youtube channel and I have just published a video tutorial on enamel filters with my current Panzer I buiild. Could I post it here, and if so, what would be the appropriate place? Inside my own build thread? Thank you, Enrique
  3. TheRaceforTerra

    WIP: Spanish Panzer I Ausf. A Breda 1/16 AMMO/Takom

    Hi guys, As I said in the introductions section, I have been painting models since 1994, but only for various wargames. This is my first foray into scale models, so do bear that in mind. Happy to have avoided any major disasters so far! I will be covering painting and weathering in my...
  4. TheRaceforTerra

    Veteran Wargamer, Newbie Scale Modeller!

    Hi guys, My name is Enrique, and I'm an educator by trade, a veteran wargamer (sci-fi, fantasy and historical), a fledgling youtuber, and a total newbie when it comes to scale models! I discovered weathering three years ago, thanks to Phil Stutcinskas' seminal work with Forgeworld, and since...