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    WTB/Looking For AMT 1976 Ford F-150 pickup

    Good Day Folks! I am looking to buy/trade a Mid 70's Ford F-150 kit. I only found one on that auction site, but the price is $70 for an AMT kit. It does not need to be that particular kit, any non-4x4 mid 70's Ford F-150 kit will do. I want to do a surprise build, for a person that has been an...
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    Throwing in the towel.. for now...

    Good Day Folks! Please don't take this has a negative, but I am giving up trying to build "shiny" civilian things for now. No matter how much I try, I just can not complete a shiny build. I have read tons of how-to's, take my time, and take it one step at a time. I always end up, mucking up the...
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    Let's talk about model building !

    I took the survey -Steven
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    Hyper realistic artist, time lapse, just brilliant

    I wonder if at some point, a tattoo artist will figure out a way to do something like this. -Steven **Disclaimer** I do not have any tattoos, nor do I know how it works ;D Just thinking out loud.
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    BA 20 with grave cock.(Finished)

    Outstanding, I wish mine turned out this nice -Steven
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    .......Russian Armored High-Mobility Vehicle GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger”.......

    Oh My!! First off, thanks for pointing this kit out to the me. Second :o - i don't have the words to describe how great this build is! I have dedicated 2014 to Soviet/Russian builds, and this one is definitely next on my build list (IF I can find and afford it) ;D... -Steven
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    In Need Of Some 1/25 Scale Rivets

    Good Day All! I am hoping someone can help me out. I need a bunch of 1/25 scale rivets for a project I am working on for my boy who is the Navy ROTC program. He's been rising up through the ranks quickly, due to his dedication. Example, when they have a fund raiser, he always sells a $1000...
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    Tamiya 1/35 T34/85 Kit #35138 - Photo Etch Parts?

    Thanks for the reply, I was able to find them on E-Bay.. I really appreciate you giving me the part# -Steven
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    Tamiya 1/35 T34/85 Kit #35138 - Photo Etch Parts?

    Good Day Folks! My search skills must be lacking, or I am not entering the correct search terms. I can NOT find any Photo Etch or Aftermarket stuff for the Tamiya 1/35 - T34/85 Kit #35138 (MM-138). :'( Any information, suggestions, or links are greatly appreciated. :) Thanks in advance...
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    YouTube Video Embed Issues

    I just use the "Vimeo" button on the toolbar here and change Vimeo to youtube ;D -Steven
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    Show us your mancave(s)!

    Good Day Folks! Hope you will enjoy a video tour of the WigWag Workshop. -Steven
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    Card Models - Advice Please

    This site has a wonderful and FREE set of detailed tips for making paper models Look on the page for Card Modeling Instructions & Paper Modeling General Tips -Steven
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    Blizzardcon 2014 - Columbus, Ohio

    Good Day Folks, It's the Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter of the IPMS Aladdin Shrine Center - 3850 Stelzer Road Columbus Ohio February, 15 2014 If your in the area, and attending, shoot me a PM if you want to meet up -Steven
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    Stuck in a rut

    Good Day Folks! Hope all has been well! I have been stuck in a rut, I am able to get the build completed, and top coat painted, but I just can't seem to get to the next level - "Weathering". Not sure if I am afraid, or just overwhelmed, and not knowing where to start. I must say, I am truly...
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    A couple of Russian WIP's Builds

    Good Day Folks! Sorry, I have not been posting too much lately, the model railroad has been taking up most of my hobby time. I have Been working on a couple of Russian builds, still need to get started on weathering, and other fine details. -Steven
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    Happy Birthday Spud! Hope you enjoy the day
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    Trade my MiniArt 1/35 U.S. Motorcycle WLA

    Good Day Folks, I would like to offer an apology, I have received tons of responses, stating that I need to build this kit, even if it turns into a lump of glue-bombed styrene. It has been said, "step out of your comfort zone, and have at it. So, I am going to take all the kind words and have...
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    Trade my MiniArt 1/35 U.S. Motorcycle WLA

    I was also thinking of a Coast Guard boat or an aircraft carrier, has I have never built a boat yet.
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    Chevy Wiring Reference Chart

    Awesome addition to my links of information! Thanks for sharing
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    Trade my MiniArt 1/35 U.S. Motorcycle WLA

    The box is opened on mine, but the kit parts are still sealed - Looks like a nice kit - One of the kits I have been looking for is the Dodge WC 54 Ambulance, I can add some$$$ if needed - would you have that one? Otherwise this one mybe a nice addition to my Russian collection