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    Latest custom models stands.

    Here we go ::)
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    Special force Tie Fighter.

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    Bandai 1/144 Falcon OT version.

    Time to post some stuff here to ::)
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    Personnal Luke ROTJ saber sound upgrade.

    This saber was already pretty loud but I had the feel that I can pull even more sound out of it (rofl) So I made a precesion fit delrin chassis / raisonance chamber for it :)) Idiot as I am I forget to take pick of it before mounting it in >:D So I made a little drawing to show up the...
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    RGB BattleDamaged Kit Fisto first look.

    Just finished this saber for a friend just need to made the brass switchcaps :o - Spark color 2 - Blue and green accent Leds - Custom delrin chassis parts - Z6 Led - Custom alluminium bladeholder - 2.1mm recharge port - RGB Led in custom crystal chamber - 2W bass speaker - Custom battle...
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    Revell lvl3 Tie interceptor

    Waiting for my Falcon to arrive I decided to do this little project ::) Found no other kit for the interceptor so I will go with this one ::) Pics to come later ;)
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    Fully upgraded and weathered Revell Special force Tie Fighter.

    Here is the third and most advanced one ::)
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    TFA theme diorama, under maintenance special forces TIE.

    Did one more TIE same way than the other two and with the lower turret upgrade like the second one ;) But I did this one to be a weathered version under maintenance ::) Almost done with the Tie and the weathering : Yeah I LOVE TIE ::) Will do a serie of shots of the weathering version...
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    Custom revell special force light and sound Tie with added engines lights.

    Here we go ::) Just a very little weathering / wash to do un lighter parts ;) And a quick video ;) Best shot and video to come ::)
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    Revell light and sound Falcon Toy

    My son wanted a falcon very bad and well for a kid this one with light and sound is cool ::) But even as a toy I realy wanted to upgrade it in some ways ;) So I will try to made this toyish kit as a decent toy / replica for my son and I keep the bandai to come soon as a real MODEL not a toy...
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    Luke V2 variation on my V3.

    Realy wanted to have a V2 type on my belt to go to the theater ;D Specs ::) - PRIZM 3.5 by Plecter Labs. - 18650 panasonic 3400mah battery. - 2W Bass speaker. - Tri Cree R/G/Rb mounted in the emiter. - 3D printed multi parts chassis. - 3D printed speaker module. - Redone emiter section. -...
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    Luke V3 lightsaber.

    With TFA incomming I realy need to do that ^-^ Specs: - PRIZM 3.5 - 18650 panasonic 3400mah battery. - 2W Bass speaker. - Tri Cree RGB mounted in the emiter. - 3D printed multi parts chassis. - 3D printed speaker module. - Redone emiter section. - Acid weathering. - Paint weathering. - Hot...
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    1/144 Star Wars Millennium Falcon (The Force Awakens) plastic model BANDAI

    Just order that one :D Being a Falcon HUGE LOVER I plan realy cool stuff with her ::)
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    Mini millenium falcon.

    Beside the others project I am in the process to do a mini falcon for my son ;) That was before a saw revell re edit all the finemolds star wars kit in an second line call master series :o So now we have the regular revell kit and the re edites finemolds kit ::) I will begin with the mini and...
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    X-wing Revell

    And so waiting for the snowspeeder I decided to start this big X-Wing :o
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    Dooku lightsaber.

    Just finish this bad boy ;)
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    Custom action fleet snowspeeder for my son.

    This one was in bad shape when I get it but I think I can save it ;)
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    Snowspeeder Bandai WIP.

    The b-wing being a long term project and the y-wing being almost done I decided to order this badboy for 15$ on ebay yesterday :D The cockpit will be lighted using this custom Led timing board and fiber optics ;) I will base my build one the MR Snowspeeder...