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    Thunder Models 1/35 Case Tractor

    Nice kit, first release from Thunder Models. Can be made one of 2 ways, US Army, or civilian Case tractor. Obviously went the civilian route. Painted and weathered with Vallejo. Added hydraulic lines, spark plugs, lights (also wired) and a dog from an Alpine resin figure. Been rode hard and...
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    Hasegawa 1/35 Melusine

    Bought these on whim (from someone on here IIRC) Painted it up as Canadian Armed Forces circa 2150. Painted and weathering with Vallejo. Hex pattern was done with painting masks from Fallout Hobbies. Added smoke dischargers from a Leopard kit, scratchbuilt antenna (ok, scratchbuilt might be...
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    Bandai 1/72 A-Wing

    Don't remember what I finished since the forum went down, didn't see this one posted on here, so figured I was safe as to not to repeat. Built out of the box, my first Bandai kit (won't be my last). Just changed the red to green. White is still kit plastic, just added washes, dirt, and such to...
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    It's back up!

    Welcome back everyone!!
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    Takom T-54B

    One fender side complete. Nice to see the fuel lines included. Lost one of the smaller ones to the carpet monster, never to be seen again, so had to scratchbuild a replacement.
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    Takom T-54B

    Chains? Not sure what you mean. If you mean chains like you would put around a tire to give you more traction on snow and ice...they definitely wouldn't have chains on a tracked vehicle for that use....they wouldn't last too long. Tracked vehicles normally have grousers for extra traction...
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    Takom T-54B

    Masterclub are good, as are the ModelKasten tracks. Just happens that I have a couple of sets of the Friuli T-55 tracks here to use. As far as the KingTiger's go.....while yes the Meng KT will be cheaper, it also doesn't come with an interior like the Takom one does. While there will be...
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    Takom T-54B

    Just a slight over hang on the front right (3rd pic). The way the kit goes together they did it as a module construction so they can get the most variants out of the least number of molds. The top of the hull is built from 3 pieces, so they can change out engine decks, front glacis, etc, etc. I...
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    Takom T-54B

    Promised myself that I wouldn't start anything else new until I finished something. So much for that one, this was just calling to me. Takom T-54B, going to be doing it in the '73 Egyptian markings included in the kit. Since Takom uses a common lower hull for all of their T-54/55/Type 69...
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    Trumpeter North American March 2017 Releases

    1548 1/35 Russian T62 Mod 1962 Iraqi Regular Army Tank (New Variant) The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank first introduced in 1961 and used during the Cold War. With over 22,000 built, it was one of the top-used tanks during the era. The 1962 variant of this kit uses an early model engine...
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    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    Some new ones over the last few weeks Probably the best, nicest Tamiya kit ever!!
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    Sparmax AC-501X - Will this be suitable ?

    Hi there Uli, Welcome to the forum. The AC-501X is basically the TS-501, just set into a case, with a tank. The TS-501 is what I use (and sell as the Harder & Steenbeck compressors are made by Sparmaxx). Been using mine for years, and it works great. Decently priced, and all you will...
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    Trumpeter North American February 2017 Releases

    1046 1/35 German M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System (New Tool) The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System is a self-propelled rocket artillery made for the US Army in 1983. The A1 variant was created as part of a 2005 upgrade, designed specifically for the United States but eventually adopted by...
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    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    Few new ones this week:
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    Trumpeter North American January 2017 Releases

    1023 1/35 US MPQ53 C-Band Tracking Radar System The MPQ-53 is a tracking radar system that sits on the same base used by the MIM 104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system. Used by the US Army, the radar set is equipped with IFF, electronic counter-counter measures. Kit consists of over 410...
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    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    Last couple I got Revell Germany 1/144 HMCS Snowberry Flower Class Corvette WWII Escort Warship And a book
  17. Elm City Hobbies

    Trumpeter North American December 2016 Releases

    1025 1/35 Russian 9P113 TEL Launcher w/9M21 Rocker of 9K52 Luna-M (New variant) The 9P113 is a Soviet short-range artillery rocket system. The 9M21 rockets are unguided and spin-stabilized. Its designation is 9K52, and its NATO reporting name is FROG-7. "FROG" is an acronym for "Free Rocket...