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    BarracudaCast 48 Scale MiG-25 Upgrades Coming!

    Some new upgrades from Barracuda Cast! Nose... Wheels... Exhaust... Prices and availability after the 2016 IPMS/USA Nationals. Regards,
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    LF Tamiya 48 Do-335B-2 Decals RP+UQ

    I'm looking for replacement Tamiya 48th scale Do-335 B-2 markings. Specifically RP+UQ (W.Nr.230014). It is for a friend and I will gladly pay or trade for them. Let me know if you can spare them and what you'd like in return. Thanks
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    Bronco Models' New 1/48th Curtiss P-40C Hawk 81-A2

    Curtiss P-40C (Hawk 81-A2) Fighter AVG "Flying Tigers" for June release! Kit 04006 MSRP - $49.99USD In 1937 Curtiss put an Allison V-1710-19 liquid cooled engine into a p36 fighter. The plane was the military project code XP-40. The aircraft first flew successfully in October of the following...
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    Photo Review: TanModel's 48 Scale RF-84F

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    Photo Review: Trumpeter's 48 Scale MiG-23BN

    I am publishing these photographs for a discussion on the subject, Trumpeter's 48th scale MiG-23BN. Please refrain from posting opinions of the company since it is not the reason for this post. Feel free to use these photographs and write on them to discuss points on the kit (as long as my...
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    Photo Review: Freedom Model Kits F-20A

    This strange joint makes me believe that the sprues are molded at the same factory in China used by Kitty Hawk Models, Panda Hobby, and Mirror Models: Decals for the prototypes: These are for what if schemes the modeler makes up as they are not in the painting instructions...
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    Photo Preview - Trumpeter's 48th scale HU-16A

    Nice on the sprues... Box art is exciting. Above and below, both sides of sprue A. Above and below, both sides of sprue B. Above and below, both sides of sprues C & D. Above and below, both sides of sprue E. Above and below, both sides of sprue F. Above and below, both sides...
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    Panzer Tracts Bergepanther & Sd.Kfz. 7 books next!

    Expect them in the third quarter with Lukas Friedli , who wrote those two great books “Repairing the Panzers,” as a new member of the Panzer Tracts team. An anonymous benefactor helped secure the Panzer Tracts Archive for future use by the Panzer Tracts Team. To whomever you are, my...
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    Photo Review KittyHawk 48 Mirage F1B

    The blank sidewalls receive PE panels. Regards,
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    Panda Hobby - 16th Scale Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) Ausf. E/F

    Price to be announced later. Regards,
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    Tom Jentz & Panzer Tracts Update

    It is with a heavy heart that I announce Thomas L. Jentz is losing his battle with an illness. The prognosis is terminal and the expectancy is in weeks. I will be writing to him to thank him for all the decades of research, insistence of proper terminology, and his dedication in uncovering the...
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    Inside the Armour's Churchill Oke

    Inside the Armour is pleased to announce the first kit available, in 1/35th scale, of the Churchill Oke! The Churchill Oke was the predecessor to the Churchill Crocodile and was built on a MkII chassis with a purpose designed fuel tank in an armoured box on the rear of the tank and a Ronson...
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    Italeri Sunderland MK.I (#551302)

    "Italeri’s Sunderland MK.I Delivers All New Tooling Edison, NJ. Italeri releases its newly tooled Sunderland MK.I (#551302). This well known “Flying Boat” was used in WWII by the Royal Air Force’s Coastal Command. Utilized for reconnaissance and patrol duties, the 1065 horsepower...
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    Italeri Cannone da 47/32 Mod 39 with Crew (#556490)

    "Italeri’s New Cannone da 47/32 is Complete with Five Figures Edison, NJ. Italeri has added the Cannone da 47/32 Mod 39 with Crew (#556490) to their broad 1/35 scale military kit line. The full-size gun was originally produced in Austria and was later licensed for production by Italy. During...
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    Italeri PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat (#555613)

    "New Tooling … Italeri Brings the Well-Known PT-109 To Life in 1/35 Scale Edison, NJ. Available from Model Rectifier Corporation is Italeri’s newly tooled release, the legendary PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat (#555613) commanded by John F. Kennedy in 1943. Working from the original ELCO drawings...
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    Photo Review: Trumpeter's 35th Scale BTR-70 Early

    A beautiful kit with full interior: regards,