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    90LX Finished Build

    I'm a new subscriber. Hook on seeing how ya'll modify/detail the cars. I carve them in wood, buy kits for parts ( bumpers, wheel rims ect). Do you know of a vendor/mfg. that sells parts?
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    Comment by 'racerjack' in media '20200112_172907_HDR.jpg'

    Awsome! I carve cars/trucks from basswood/maple wood but not to this detail.
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    modeling injurys

    I'm new to this site, thought I'd find info. for wood carving. I read about different injury stories. As an instructor for carving I have seen many weird injuries, on the power side of carving, an experienced carver was using cordless power tool, the bit got caught in his shirt and cut him up...
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    Clearing the shelves a bit...

    thanks for the quick reply. Please keep me in mind. Hate buying new kit for $$ just to demolish them.
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    Clearing the shelves a bit...

    I carve vehicles from basswood, butternut, ect. I cut models in half and carve the wood to fit. I use all the accessories from any kit to modify the vehicles. I melt the clear rods that have the rims attached ect. (pieces) to make head/tail lights. I just joined this forum so may be to late to...