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  1. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    I'm taking out my insurance now....
  2. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    Domo, arigato, Mister Roboto!
  3. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    The T-pipe section looks like a hip joint to me, and above that (albeit inverted in the pics) is the torso of a robot. It's probably not what you're building, it's just what it looks like to me, at this point.
  4. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    Yeah, at this point, it looks like a torso to me. Like a classic 50s robot.
  5. the Baron

    Veteran Wargamer, Newbie Scale Modeller!

    You just gave me a flashback to Chekov on the original "Star Trek", Momo-anytime someone mentioned something and thought it was great, he said it was invented in Russia.
  6. the Baron

    Veteran Wargamer, Newbie Scale Modeller!

    Welcome to the Herd, Enrique! You're a good example of what I've been telling the old timers who lament that "the hobby is dying out". I tell them that there is a good community of young modelers, but their favorite subjects are wargaming and science fiction. I tell them that even if you're...
  7. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    For some reason, I just had a flash in my mind's eye of the robot on the cover of Queen's "News of the World".
  8. the Baron

    Messed up decals?

    Looking at this thread again, I realized that I forgot to mention another source of aftermarket decals, and that's the model railroad part of the hobby. You might not find something made for your specific purpose, but you will find lots of decals that can be used for other things. There are...
  9. the Baron

    Messed up decals?

    Not replacements, necessarily, but yes, there are companies that make decal sets. The most common subjects are military-aircraft, armor, and ships, but there is a wide variety of aftermarket decal sets available. You can also find a lot of decal sets on the secondary market, eg, on eBay, or at...
  10. the Baron

    H&S carrier

    Every morning, when I shower and I wash my hair, I use the same Head & Shoulders bottle, and it reminds me of this build. How's it coming along?
  11. the Baron

    Newbie to Forum

    Welcome back to the hobby, and welcome to the Herd, MM! From those pics, I think it'll be rather some of us who will learn from you! You've got good weathering techniques down pretty well. Is that suit a Gustav? Is it an old Nitto kit or a new Wave re-release? I like MaK subjects, too. I...
  12. the Baron

    Burnt Paintwork Around exhaust Shroud.

    Momo's comment raises a good point about the metal, because that kind of weathering will likely include discoloration of exposed metal, and then also staining due to exhaust. For the metal, it will depend on what the exhausts are made of. Steel will rust from the heat, while other metals will...
  13. the Baron

    Hello all

    Welcome to the Herd, Oakarrow! Nice finish on the command car. I didn't realize at first that it's the HobbyBoss kit. How was it to build?
  14. the Baron

    H&S carrier

    That's pretty much the "hollowcasting" technique that toy soldier maker William Britain used to make his toy soldiers, starting around 1893. Up to that time, toy soldiers were cast solid in alloys of lead and tin, and most of them came from Germany. As you can imagine, the weight meant that...
  15. the Baron

    Time Forgotten

    Welcome to the Herd, Art! That Jeep looks like it could be a die-cast model, that finish is so shiny, nice job! I look forward to seeing more of your builds. Best regards, Brad
  16. the Baron

    Greetings from Omaha

    Welcome to the Herd, Learmech! Your Mig-3 looks great; I especially like your colors. I look forward to seeing your next builds! Best regards, Brad
  17. the Baron

    Ian McQue Inspired Flying Rig

    Holy crap, that is an outstanding scratchbuild! I need to check in more often....
  18. the Baron

    H&S carrier

    Very cool! Yeah, I save stuff like that, for these kinds of things. I'm working on an idea for a 1/20 hoverbike made from a deodorant dispenser. I'll be following this with interest!
  19. the Baron

    First with the Ford Class Carrier model ?

    Looking at the photos again, it just occurred to me that with the island so far back, the carrier has a silhouette similar to a speedboat moving at high speed, hull up, breaching the waves, with the pilot seated all the way aft.
  20. the Baron

    The Army of Frederick the Great

    Here's another one to post, a Grenadier fifer of the Fusilier-Regiment "von Bülow" (IR 46): I finished this some time ago, but never got around to taking a picture. This is a kit figure from Rylit. The hands and flute are cast in a single piece, as are the arms, so it was fiddly to get them...