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  1. Robotism

    Impulse Gundam Mashup in 1/144

    Welcome to the Gunpla fold then! Gunpla is one of my primary hobby things and I'm well versed in Gundam. I usually assume people building a kit have seen it in a series and liked it not just bought it randomly.
  2. Robotism

    Dark souls Oscar bust

    From the Japanese limited edition HD remaster package. My first bust and soon to be my first video on a new youtube channel.
  3. Robotism

    Is it "NEW"?

    I would consider an open box to be "new" personally. As long as the plastic bags inside are sealed that's fine with me. But I do build a lot of Japanese kits. What I do find interesting is Japanese model shops standards for damaged is insane compared to the West. If I get a damaged box in the...
  4. Robotism

    It's back up!

    As a new member I'm not sure what happened, could someone catch me up please? How active is the board now? I can't stand facebook and I've been looking for a modeling forum with good sci fi stuff (Not just Star wars over and over). This place has some nice threads but could do with some made...
  5. Robotism

    Impulse Gundam Mashup in 1/144

    In the series the Avalon Impulse's could switch parts, I'm not sure if they do this combination in a side story or not but they were able to do it. Would you be better off making a single suit using all the equipment rather than just switching bits out? Make a complete Avalon Impulse basically?