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    BMW Z4 GT3

    ah, nice to see her here too...lovely stuff and really looking forward to it. Cheers
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    Pz. Lehr Panther A Normandy 1944

    Hello chaps and chapses ;D It's been a loooooong while since I posted something of mine so here goes...currently I'm building a Panther A (Dragon) which was part of the Pz. Lehr Division during the invasion of Normandy by the allied forces. Some extras used are MasterClub resin tracks, Aber MG...
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    Matilda WIP

    now that's a lovely result there chap Cheers
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    Tiger I Initial (Africa)

    Nice work, I've built two African Tiger I's so far (one using your kit, one converting Dragons 6600 initial kit) and I love them. Great work you've done so far, and help from David Byrden is always a great thing to have (though only on the technical aspects, I asked his thoughts on the...
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    that's a cool one mate, love the fig as well Cheers
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    Contest Results

    congrats to everyone who participated, and for the winners of course quite pleased by the result, but didn't expect my Char B1 bis to win (sorry Dan ;D). Your pronounciation of the Char was ok Scott, it's French. Kraus Maffei was a bit more difficult, can't blame you though, those Germans ey...
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    well sure wasn't easy indeed. Looking forward to see the final results after the weekend :P Cheers
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    oh I'll do...looking forward to see the IR equipped Panther, if I'm not mistaken that one is in Koblenz ^^ Cheers
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    here here, going to leave this weekend as well...invading Germany to watch some WWII armor live ;D so would be great to be able to vote today indeed Cheers
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    1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ /"Finished"

    Re: 1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ whoa, what a sick piece of armor!!!! Really love it! Cheers
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    Cylon Raider

    wow, that's cool stuff indeed! Cheers
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    The Flying Dump Truck (plan B)

    looks extremely good mate Cheers
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    Kubus - Armor Category

    Nice to see it finished mate, particular vehicle which I think won't be often seen built. Like the restraint weathering Cheers
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    Armor Char B1 bis *FINISHED*

    Category: Armor Name of Build: Char B1 bis *FINISHED* Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/35 Description Pretty much out of the box. I just scratched a jerrycan holder on the right fender and a tarp for the back of the engine department. Depicting a German captured B1 bis, I used...
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    1/35 CelticWerks Sinkie E-Something

    very neat mate, what brand is the figure? Love the subject! Cheers