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    Tamiya f4u 1/32 bubbletop

    I’m going to start it as soon as my paint arrives will post build pics!
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    Tamiya f4u 1/32 bubbletop

    Just received my kit from amazon, along with extra photo etched goodies. I used to building and flying large scale RC warbirds and decided to enter this arena. I am a sculpted prop builder and I take my hat off to all of you experienced gents! This stuff is tiny!!!! I bought a magnifying visor...
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    Where my N Gauge rail fans at?

    I just joined this website. I bought a n scale starter set and going to go for the scenery layout. My vision is a mountainside with a tunnel and a lake with the train going through a tunnel. I want it to be as compact as possible. I’ve already started purchasing n scale buildings etc. I’m going...