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    Berlin 45

    Hi Jim62 Sorry that link was to a modeling web site now defunct.
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    Tamiya Stug IV

    Thats looking really good , I like the first coat.
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    Berlin 45

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    Berlin 45

    Hi All Hope you are all doing well, not done a lot a modeling in the last while but hope to get back in to things again , did all the things we all do bought more kits ,paint and bits and bobs ,gathered reference ,now time to use it all , Got some timber painted up for the floors that...
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    Looking for help finding miniatures

    My mistake:oops: never could get me head around them scales if its not 1/35 th.
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    Looking for help finding miniatures

    Hi I believe n gauge is similar in size ? Preiser models do a lot a figs for that scale ; In the link down the page are some bader's might work for ya,
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    Berlin 45

    Got most a these chaps done to a point still a bit to be done and all the heads , got a bit sidetracked again, mixed a bit a magic sculp sort a few bits and mixed way too much again so rather than waste it i used it on me sofa ,witch was made with some blue foam and the sculp to shape around the...
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    Berlin 45

    Thank you , Ok left the figs again not for long made a tree and a light that shows that there is an island in the road for tram and bus stops and such ,made from a chess piece and afew other bits will need to make another one later on, the tree is made up from a few twigs super glued to a...
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    Berlin 45

    Hi all Ok I started what ive been afraid of all along painting the thousands of russian troops that attacked Berlin well i have a good blast of them anyway, im starting from the end a the street up towards the tram so the gun crew will b first, lots a khaki ,so im just using different shades...
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    Tami kingtiger 1/35

    One a many kits ive started over the last while, aim to finish this one ,going wit just the one color wit some foliage, next sort out the tracks ,have a plan for a small dio for this.
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    Berlin 45

    Hi Klaus The plan for this side is to have soviet troops attacking towards the tram and entering the u bahn station, im hoping to have some activity in a sewer part to the front of the dio and at the bottom of the steps in the station,and if i get this side done before i bail out i plan on...