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    Amazon, car and robot

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    Bringing someone new into the hobby

    LOL - bad breakup , huh ?
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    Comment by 'urumomo' in media 'Ma.K. Falke XL'

    Solid like the original .
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    1/35 T29E3 Takom

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    Bringing someone new into the hobby

    You're building it with them or just pointers when they need it ? Obviously it should be something they are wanting to build -- I'd stick with Tamiya for the first one . Clear instructions , well engineered and good price . Bandai too . I don't think there's necessarily a ton of pressure to do...
  6. Ma.K. Falke XL

    Ma.K. Falke XL

    Build Log :
  7. Falke XL in 1/20 scale

    Falke XL in 1/20 scale

    WIP , lengthened and further modified Ma.K. FALKE by Hasegawa Rotary cannon replaced with hi-power laser for ballistic warhead and satellite shoot-down . Build Log :
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    Watson on Mars

    Thanks , Baron . I dry-fit the pilot during assembly to check and left those interior shoulder sections loose and closed them into place after he was affixed -- before the canopy parts were placed .
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    Watson on Mars

    Thanks ! :)
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    Viagra Spam

    I pm'd you twice days apart - only after they had been up for a while since I assumed you were not aware . I wasn't even sure you received the PMs since you never replied to either .
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    Viagra Spam

    ... maybe some changes in site security ? Daily spam sweep ?
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    Mobile suits... in SPACE! 1/144 Gunpla diorama

    I prefer the top one .
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    It's back up!

    LOL -- yeah , it was off-line couple of years wasn't it . I think 2016 was when it went down . I figured SMA was gone for good . Some threads didn't survive the resurrection . Feel free to post some work , Robotism