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    My Grail Model

    The resin kits that Chinese artist Yuanxing Liang releases are my grail kits. They're not expensive for high end resin garage kits. But they're crazy limited runs (hundred copies or less), they don't sell out quickly (but always go on sale when I'm broke), but the second hand resale market is...
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    Life size toothfairy by Monster Dork Studio

    Love Monster Dork kits. I built his Ren & Stimpy kit a few years ago.
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    Industria Mechanika make excellent kits. Have fun with this one.
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    I'm out of the hobby

    Pretty sure everyone has had that same reaction when applying large decals, bud. Even with years of experience, and all the Most Expensive Toys™*, you'll still come across things that throw you off your game. I live in Guelph and we've got a big dumb open quarry pretty much right in town that...
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    New Industria Mechanika releases.

    Michael just sent out the iMech newsletter. It's full of gigantic awesome resin mecha.
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    Secret Santa 2015

    I'm in.
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    SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

    Picked up some slightly older kits from Wheels & Wings in Toronto before I move out of the city.
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    Eastern Defence

    That's really cool. And really handy. I love being able to paint outside when the weather is nice.
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    Eastern Defence

    The one that has all the paints in it.
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    Eastern Defence

    Looking great so far. (where'd you get that travelling hobby case from)
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    54mm Andrea Miniatures 1BCE Roman Legionary and Centurion

    I wish I could do the eyes first, but I'm not good at doing the super smooth transitions from shadows to highlights. So I airbrush it. But that leaves me with painting microscopic details afterwards and not even the H&S 10/0 brush or the W&N 3/0 & Cotman 0 rigger help out. Oh well, you know...
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    54mm Andrea Miniatures 1BCE Roman Legionary and Centurion

    Thanks. I will. I just have incredibly shakey hands. I need more practice. Or maybe I should be looking for figures that have something covering their eyes. ;D ;D ;D
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    54mm Andrea Miniatures 1BCE Roman Legionary and Centurion

    Well, that was a failed eyeball attempt. Definitely needs a new face now. #ragequit Not gonna submit mine. Figures without faces aren't really completed figures. 😖
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    My figure entry: 200mm Bust Roman Legionnaire

    Really nice looking. Well done.
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    54mm Andrea Miniatures 1BCE Roman Legionary and Centurion

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I think I might repaint the face. But that'll be a future project. I've slowly run out of time and I don't think Scott will give us another extension. I guess technically I have 6 hours left to try and do something about those horrible eyes. :'(