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    My collection of Anti-Gravity Vehicles

    Gee...theres a theme developing here eh...? All joking aside, some VERY cool ideas here my friend, and loads of inspiration. I myself am working on some steam-punk-mad-max-star-wars-alternate-universe vehicles, and it's a ton-o-fun grabbing bits and bobs from the stash...lovely work...more...
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    Ian McQue Inspired Flying Rig

    hey buddy, your build is so timely I can't tell you how great that is...! I've been struggling to get something, ANYTHING started on the bench and actually finish it. I keep starting a kit and pushing it aside and starting another. THEN...I saw this thread and I had a "THAT'S IT'...!!! moment...
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    Bandai Star Destroyer: Lighted version

    I have never watched any of your videos, but I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed the Star Destroyer from Bandai. What made the video so entertaining was you have the voice tones of a chap on another forum that is also well suited to dissecting a model kit. Straight to the point, informative, and...