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    One more Bandai 1/72 TIE Fighter

    Looks great , I'm awaiting delivery of both this and the TIE Advanced , so seeing quality up close pics ups my anticipation considerably !
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    I've tweaked the AT-ST a little , by adding a few details to the legs/feet and replacing the kit's "leg springs" with styrene strip . The armour on the head has been improved as well . I also reduced the height of the rail on the head and re-sprayed the model with a lighter grey . I'm now in the...
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    Cheers guys . As I say , I'd like to build another and go to town on it , but as this was a "reclaimed from the trash" model , certain things ( like the original paint ) had to remain and just be disguised a little . I've since added a ball joint to the "neck" and am putting together a display...
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    Cheers J . Yes , I did add the armour on the side of the head as ( you'll probably already know ) there's a nasty seam line down the entire part . As for the "neat" bend , I must admit , it was more by luck than judgement ! I just secured the piece of styrene sheet at the top and made sure the (...
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    Halcyon Narcissus Escape Shuttle

    Well , I was contacted ( through Facebook ) by a group who were producing a new set of decals due to there being a renewed interest in this kit , but I've not heard any developments . ::)
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    DUKW sea diorama

    Beautifully excecuted . The DUKW's my favourite military vehicle and I've got the Italeri kit stowed away in the stash . Might have to dig it out and give it a little attention ! Great work . ;)
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    Coming along nicely ! Like the "split-level" . ;)
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    Ripley , " It's behind you !" Diorama .

    Not really an update as such , but I recently discovered that Geometric produced an "add-on" set for the Ripley kit consisting of the missing weapons . Unfortunately I've had no luck tracking it down , or even pics of what the set contains . Geometric's site lists at least 2 "Alien/s" sets , but...
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    I'll be following this build with great interest , as I've been thinking of taking on a similar project for a while now . I hope to utilise "forced perspective" and have smaller scale ( 1/43 ) Batmobiles towards the back of the diorama , while larger scale ones ( 1/24 ) at the front . You're off...
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    Hasbro Hero Millennium Falcon Modification

    I've one of these on my Christmas present list . Argos in the U.K has them for £25 ! :o
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    AAT-AADS (Armored Assault Tank- Anti Air Defens System)

    Hey great minds think alike ! I myself have done a couple of variants of this model and I love what you've done with yours . Nice work . ;)
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    HALO Sprukit-Sarah Palmer

    Those HALO Sprukits have really got my interest . I hope they turn up in the UK !
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    "We Come in Peace"

    That's coming along nicely . Looks like a fun build ! :)
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    Halcyon Narcissus Escape Shuttle

    Been busy lately , so not a lot of work done on the two Aliens models , but I've managed to get around to replacing the missing detail parts at the rear of the Narcissus . I used two thicknesses of styrene tube to replicate them and although a smidgeon too large in diameter , it's nothing...
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    Halcyon Narcissus Escape Shuttle

    I seem to remember that it got a bit of bad press at the time for being inaccurately shaped ( it turns out a lot of this was based on the fact that people were looking at the forced perspective model used for filming ! ) , but it's actually pretty damn close to the studio model . The only...