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    Paint mixing Quest

    I use a badger mixer like yours, I used a flat file to cut down the rotating tip, Works great and fits into my Vallejo bottles. I purchased ss balls off Amazon, they also work well.
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    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    That is amazing. It is hard to believe this is paper. Excellent work.
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    Force Awakens Resistance X-wing

    Very good work . Does not look like a toy now. Like the squadron photo.
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    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    You must have a great deal of patience. I couldn't imagine doing this. Looking forward to more updates.
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    1/35 Breigel from Industria Mechankia

    This is awesome. That model is huge. Very crisp detail in the resin cast.
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    Snowspeeder Bandai WIP.

    Re: Snowsppeder Bandai WIP. Very nice job on this. Look forward to seeing more of this build.
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    Eldar Fire Prism Grav Tank

    I love these WH40K models, really unique stuff.
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    Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper? 1/12 Stormtroopers from Bandai

    I believe the Bandai Star Wars line of models are best I have ever seen. The engineering on these models is off the charts. That Storm Trooper looks real, hard to tell this is a model. Great job on this.
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    Custom action fleet snowspeeder for my son.

    Great job on this model.
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    Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike by Bandai

    Great job. Really like the leather, very realistic.
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    My AT ST build

    Thanks Shark and Peza for viewing and commenting.
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    My AT ST build

    BenHobbie thanks for viewing and commenting.
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    Airbrush recommendation

    My favorite is the Badger Krome. I also love the Patriot 105, I sometimes think you can spray asphalt through the 105. I like Badger brushes for just about all my painting needs.
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    Compressor - 1/6hp vs 1-2hp type

    hagakure.s81 , just make sure the tanks are rated for the pressure you want to charge them up too and they have some type of safety relief valve. Good luck, sounds like a good plan.