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    Issue 6? Any word on when?

    I understand why I am included in these questions, but to be perfectly honest I have no control over the delay. I do not reply on behalf of Scott, speak for him or have any idea as to his plans aside from the email I received in the beginning of the year that I alluded to earlier in this thread...
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    1/35 Hill Billy Gun Truck

    Actually Albert, you can claim accuracy with this build. I'm guessing you didn't come up with this idea all on your own, (even the title 'Hillbilly Guntruck' is what they are actually referred to in use) not only are there plenty of photos of this type of thing in Iraq/Afghanistan but I'm...
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    I really want to like Vallejo paints

    I made this video for a person on a facebook group but it will work here as well, just ignore the names etc. I show how I spray Model Color with their Airbrush Thinner with no problems whatsoever.
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    Issue 6? Any word on when?

    Hey guys, I heard from Scott a few weeks ago with his plans for 2016 and I can tell you that completing issue 6 and getting it off to print was one of his top priority's in his list. Happy modeling. K~
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    Double layer hairspray chipping?

    Scrach, what you really want to do is Google John Tolcher. (He has one article in a past SMA Issue and another in the eventual issue 6) He has done what you are wanting to do several times using only an initial barrier for the base coat and one coat of hairspray followed by multiple colors of...
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    what happened to the website

    I don't have the answer to your question ...but if you needed to buy a magazine email me at ken AT scalemodeladdict DOT com and I can get you sorted.
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    What happened?

    It's like that every year aint it? "OOOOH a chance to win free stuff, let me active all over the place" ~months later *crickets*
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    'Rubber' tires....

    as a side note, Def. Model just posted cad drawings of resin replacements for this model if you can wait, their stuff is killer.
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    1/144th Prometheus scratch build

    Gag, I have a USPS large flat rate sized box full of sprues and extra parts etc. you can have if you want 'em *(maybe just pay shipping cost?) If you're interested send me an email; [email protected] and we'll get it sorted.
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    Issue 5..some issues

    I'm not ...but considering our printed emails in the magazine, your phone number and Spot the Goof (which was designed specifically for this), this isn't the place to discuss it. Somehow ill-informed and speculative assumptions is all in good faith but if I reply with factual statements to...
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    Timing of Articles and Release Dates

    On page four of every issue is the phone number to Girvan Media, (you'll reach Scott) as well as Scott's email and mine. Do you think these issues that people are posting to a model forum might be better addressed using those contact methods? ;) Seriously, we're naught more than two kids...
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    Issue 5..some issues

    Actually if I may be frank, you clearly don't know the reason why considering that you've over simplified such a convoluted process by addressing 'proof reading' as the answer. Sorry, but if anyone thinks that I would have left 'stupid Americans' in the opening text of the opening article, (let...
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    Posting comments

    It only takes three posts, not five and now I don't have to jump through hoops to post this fourth comment. ;)