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    JS 3 Berlin 1945 FINISHED

    Re: JS 3 Berlin 1945 WOW, your weathering skills are great, the mud looks amazing! Kind regards, Sven.
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    Airfix HC3 Merlin - FINISHED!

    Re: Airfix HC3 Merlin Great work so far, love the weathering in the interior. Kind regards, Sven.
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    German 39(H) 10.5cm LeFH19(SF) auf Geschutzwagen

    Great work Sir, how do you like the new MiG stuff compared to AK? Kind regards, Sven.
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    Kubus - Armor Category

    Hey Łukasz, great work as always! Cheers mate!
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    The Prototype - abusing a Sherman

    WOW, amazing scratchbuilding skill and a very cool story! Kind regards, Sven.
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    1/35 Italeri AS 42 Sahariana

    Hello guys, I'm unfortunately starting real late this year as I was busy with filling papers for my next years student exchange. I'm also in middle of a move so I don't have my workshop set up anymore and will have to work on something else. I'm not sure if I'll make it, but I'ts worth a try...
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    2014 BSC Categories

    Hi Scott, would this count as a prototype? Kind regards, Sven.
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    Contest Chatter

    Any news regarding Badger prizes? Kind regards, Sven.
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    Contest Chatter

    I don't think they have.
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    LF: 1/72 P-51D Mustang Decals

    Hey Guys, I'm gathering stuff to start building my 1/72 Airfix P-51D Mustang. However I don't really like the decal option which it came with so I'm looking for some other decal options. I would prefer one of those South American or Israeli markings, however I'm open to other proposals and...
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    1/35 Dragon Su-100

    Thanks guys! I decided not to apply any decals since I wasn't going for any particular tank. currently oils are drying. I hope to add the final matt coat tomorrow or on Tuesday. Kind regards, Sven.
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    1/35 Dragon Su-100

    So I decided to build this one over summer just for fun and to try out some new weathering products, I wasn't satisfied with the paint job so I had one option - winterwash. Currently I'm applying the chipping, which will be followed by a gloss coat, wash and other weathering. Hope you like it...
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    Great Wall Hobby & Lion Roar sponsored prices

    Mine hasn't showed up yet, hope it will come soon :) Kind regards, Sven.
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    Just Watched the video, congrats to everyone who participated! And you actually pronounced my last name right, LOL. Kind regards, Sven.