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    Imai/Bandai 1:72 Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1J with LEDs

    Thanks. UV resin can be found easily at 100 yen shops here in Japan, in the crafts section. They also carry the plastic clay that softens in hot water, which can be used for creating molds. Oyumaru is one brand name, but there is at least one other company that makes it.
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    Imai/Bandai 1:72 Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1J with LEDs

    Above I have taken the pilot figure from the Hasegawa VF-1 Weapons Set. Yes, the pilot suit is from the DYRL movie and not the TV show (like this model is), but oh well. This Imai kit isn’t incredibly accurate anyway, so I’m taking artistic liberties. I used Oyumaru to make molds of the parts...
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    Newbie Stupid question on acrylic paint

    What do you guys use to thin Americana paints for airbrushing? I have a collection of Delta Ceramcoat paints I began accumulating 15+ years ago, but these are useless with an airbrush. For PappyVanWinkle, I too am curious what "outlandishly" expensive kit you are wanting to build. It's okay to...
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    SR-71 Blackbird 1/72 Italeri

    Several years ago, I built the Italeri Blackbird for my dad since he helped work on it. He wasn't a part of Skunkworks, but worked with Air Force satellite photography, map making, etc. He'll never tell me what exactly he did. I assumed with his photography background that he had worked on...
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    Booster Unit S-GundaBooster Unit S-Gundam from Gundam Sentinel, lighted

    Finished! I've had this kit more or less finished for nearly 2 months now, but I wanted to paint the stand and apply the sticker on its base. Pictures are at my Tumblr photostream here: Final reveal YouPoop video here:
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    Can't Escape It

    I agree. It's sort of like how Rickrollilng was a big thing on YouTube 10+ years ago. The irony is that people like that fancy themselves as "the resistance" when in reality there is nothing they say that is not suppressed, censored, or condemned by Big Tech, Big Pharma, transnational banking...
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    Can't Escape It

    Virtue signaling and pandering is lame. At the same time, I have a YT channel which is mostly modeling videos, but I also do videos on social and political stuff. I get people demanding I not speak on such issues, but I nobody is forcing them to watch those videos. None of them can ever pose any...
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    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    @Peppylepugh Hi Dave, I didn't know you are on this forum. Yeah, I guess I haven't heard from you in a while. Glad to hear you like the updates, as often I don't feel like making them and lack motivation to do so. I know people get a kick out of me reading the messages from people who take it...
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    Printing decals at home?

    Yeah, I use the laser printer decal paper on the laser printer at work and they turn out much better. The decal film for inkjets is too thick. Just recently I put down a blue design on top of silver paint and not only does it look great, but the edge of the film is nearly invisible. It looks...
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    Booster Unit S-GundaBooster Unit S-Gundam from Gundam Sentinel, lighted

    Thanks. Yes, wiring was difficult. I am so glad that I was able to fit them inside to close them up. The process will be shown in the next video on this build I'll upload sometime soon (hopefully). I had ruined a couple of 0402 SMDs when the wires broke off from the lights, but I kept the wires...
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    Booster Unit S-GundaBooster Unit S-Gundam from Gundam Sentinel, lighted

    Somebody on here mentioned a Gundam kit they were working on. I can't remember which it was. I'm building and lighting the Booster Unit S-Gundam. This is one of their older kits from the '90s. I'm not done yet, but here is the progress. All of the lighting is from HDA Modelworx. Here's the...
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    Chrome paint and Krylon clear issues - need advice, please

    Alclad makes a clear coat that is suitable for applying to chromed surfaces. I bought a bottle of another product I've heard is even better, but I have not yet used it.
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    Color guide for the Tie Interceptor

    I just posted an image gallery of the Argonauts TIE Interceptor I completed last year here. This one turned out even nicer, using Air Superiority Blue with a Mr. Weathering Color blue wash.