First model(s) built were the 'ol PYRO Bomb Ketch & Skipjack ships... Yes, I have been messing around with modeling for abit; Not that I have been constantly building from 'those days', but I have always had an interest with constructing models. For me life got busy - Vietnam-Military Service; Marriage[&divorce]; A Career [was in there]; Now, its Grandkids and Retirement [that was nearly 10 yrs ago]; I finally - I have been allowed a 'work-space' and have slowly re-deployed my tools/equipment/books/models and have begun to build, again... I have watched/followed SMA, since the early days and have enjoyed it muchly. Thank you - Many of your works have rekindled the desire to start throwing models together again...
Pacific NW, USA


Virtus junxit, mors non separabit -


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