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    I'm out of the hobby

    Grue, don't give up, my friend! As urumomo said, just set that one aside, and start on something else. Skills that you had developed years ago will take some time to come back to full force, so give yourself some slack about kits 'coming out just ok.' Being at the work bench should be a no...
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    All, I am re-posting my list of kits that are for sale, with reduced prices. If interested please PM me with requests and I will answer as soon as I can; I still work for a living, so evenings are about all I have to look at emails! Shipping notes are on last page... Thanks, Charles
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    Here's the list

    With the exception of the airliners, yes.
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    Here's the list

    Thanks, urumomo! :):)
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    Shelf clearing, continued...

    Thanks much, urumomo. As a matter of fact I just scanned them into my PC as PDF files. They are now attached to a new message in the forum; the PDF's attached just fine. All good finally. Appreciate the suggestions and help. Charles
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    Here's the list

    All, I got the list pages scanned in as PDF's and they attached. Finally. Please have a look and email me at [email protected] for interests. For preamble to all of this, please see "shelf clearing" posts in this forum. Thanks, Charles ;)
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    Shelf clearing, continued...

    Interesting thought, urumomo...
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    This should work!

    Kind of you to notice!
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    Shelf clearing, continued...

    All, I tried to attach my list but the system would not allow me do so. Something about not having an allowed file extension [what ever THAT means...:mad: stupid technology, drives me nuts]. So if you're interested in having the list [it's in Word format [I'm an old fart] please send me a...
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    Clearing the shelves a bit...

    Model builders everywhere, greetings! I am cleaning out my stash closet a bit. I have been stacking kits for 30+ years, always with the 'one of these days' intent. Well the time has come to admit that I don't have a lot more of 'one of these days' coming, so I need to cull the collection. I...
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    This should work!

    So, here's post #3. I'll wait the required 3 minutes to send this, and then it's off to the forum!:cool: Charles;)
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    But wait...

    I have lots of text to add along with my list, so I'll need to start a new thread in the For Sale forum. That's #2! Charles
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    Hello to all. I have a list of kits for sale that I want to post a link to, but I need to get my 3 posts in first. Here's #1! Charles