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    Issue 5..some issues

    Hey Scott...just got the mag today....woohoo! Thanks man, sorry I was being a worry-wort...awesome stuff!!!! Funny, was watching "The Last King of Scotland" with Forest Whittiker and what do I see on the cover...a 1/35th scale Forest!!!!! That figure is a dead ringer for him! Even my wife...
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    Issue 5..some issues

    Woohoo! Thanks Scott!!!!! I can't wait!!!! ;D
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    Issue 5..some issues

    Just wondering, I ordered this issue 3 weeks ago through the website using PayPal...when might I expect it in the mailbox? This isn't to gripe about it but I had also ordered some photo-etch from a company in Ireland a few days after and got it a week later?! Is this coming from Canada? If so...
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    Ford Flatbed Truck

    Wow Cruz, that's freaking awesome man!!!!
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    new guy here!

    Hey fellow addicts! I usually build car rods, classics, drag, & muscle. But I am just blown away by the amazing military subjects here & in the magazine! I hope to learn as much as I can from all of you. I also love the dioramas & vignettes that I've seen. I'd also like to say that...