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    Midori Junior Moguras Drill Tank

    Here is a Midori Moguras Jr., one of several Sci-Fi drill tank knock-offs inspired by The Mole from the Thunderbirds TV show. Circa 1967.
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    Aoshima/Imai Captain Scarlet SPC model

    I never had the courage to tackle those Imai Captain Scarlet figure kits, (or any figures for that matter) so I hope you do build one or more, and please share. Painting figures is a real art! Those Spectrum uniforms were very cool.
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    Aoshima/Imai Captain Scarlet SPC model

    Here is my finished model of the Aoshima Spectrum Patrol Car from the TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons., a reissue based on late-1960s Imai molds.
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    1972 CB750 racer

    That’s a pretty bike, and an excellent paint job!
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    Back in the game

    It’s funny how so many of us got back into modeling after first experiencing this incredible hobby as a kid. All through my adult life, I kept thinking about how much fun it was, and how much I missed it. So about ten years ago, I said what the hell and got started again. It’s very rewarding...
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    Kitty Hawk and Panda brands are going away

    And there’s always the hundreds of thousands of vintage and modern kits on eBay and elsewhere - some being almost given away - so I don’t picture us running out of subject matter anytime soon! I’ve lived my whole life without a Panda or KittyHawk kit so...