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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    nice eye for line
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    My Grail Model

    So roughly ~100 to 200 US dollars when it’s all said and done? I would think around there - you should go for it! :)
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    A few of my recent sub builds

    very very nice work
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    My Grail Model

    that is more than buildable but you can also buy it on sale or download the 3d scale to 3d print or...
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    My Grail Model

    Asian eBay. I have placed over 30 some orders with no problems - but it takes about 6 weeks to ship and receive an order go to wish and type in “tools” or “hobbies” and check it out. Caution each item listed by multiple sellers xxcheck shipping costs from each. They vary wildly. Ps I love my...
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    My Grail Model

    Are you hunting for the actual Grifo piece for your collection? I ask because from what I see it would not be that difficult to sculpt that figure
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    My Grail Model

    Beautiful pieces - that’s a grail Hunt well we’ll worth pursuing
  8. S30A1386 - Copy.JPG

    S30A1386 - Copy.JPG

  9. Palace.jpg


    Tranquility Palace of the Dowager Empress Mo diorama
  10. Thebes.jpg


    Midnight in Thebes diorama
  11. Thrones.jpg


    Game of Thrones diorama
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    Uploading pictures!

    where do you want me to upload to? here?
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    Uploading pictures!

    Do u still need pics?
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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    Damn good job