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    Roland D.VIa

    Not really, this was a Christmas present, and I figured that with everybody here plus a deadline, I might actually finish the kit ;D I have never built a biplane or Wingnuts kit, so this should be an interesting process :P I hope anyway!
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    Roland D.VIa

    Hello, This will be my first aircraft entry and my first ever entry into the BSC! This should be interesting as I have never finished a bi-plane before, nor worked with lozenge much :P So we shall see how it goes.
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    F101 Voodoo...can you spot my fatal error?

    Maybe the search light visible in the last photo? Looks great regardless, the F-101 is a sharp looking aircraft.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello, Just joined up, I'm a forty-something modeler living in New England. I mostly model armor and aircraft, but will attempt to build just about anything that I find interesting.