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    Aztec Warrior 1950 Ford Lowrider Custom (Updated 9/1/2014)

    Re: Aztec Warrior 1950 Ford Lowrider Custom (Updated 6/19/2014) This is just getting better and better Dude! I really am in awe of this build, oh, and Thank You for the info on the sign board foam, just so happens my Son works in a Graphics shop and they have a sign department I am interested...
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    Zombie Fighter Mustang

    Hello Scott, I know what You mean on the time Anyway, What do You think about Evergreen I-beam for the bumper?Really Cool looking so far. You and others here on the Board got Me thinking about a build like these I am gonna use a Vandal Kit and some Semi-Truck axles and tires and the regular...
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    The Zombie Crusher

    Whats the other side of that weapon look like? I think I would like to scratch one myself Thank You
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    62 Catalina Barn Car

    Hello Ronnie That is some bit of building there! I too am in awe of your weathering technique, both the engine bay and chassis are looking "real" bad, and that is great! I am looking forward to seeing how you do the barn! Thank You for sharing with Us here! Later Russ ;)
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    Dawn of the Apocalypse Contest

    :o I got to find that video! You Tube? ;D
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    Last Hope Landrover

    :o Another smashing good build! And the masking technique way cool Dude! I am really loving these builds! thank You for sharing with Us Later Russ ;)
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    :-\ In past "viewing" excursions on other sites, ::) I was never really fond this type of build, nor found it to be very appealing or interesting . . . . . :o Have I been schooled! I guess it takes the "right" kind of people to do it the right way! You Gentlemen have shown the best ways to...
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    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    :o Ian! Absolutely positively over the freakin' top Dude!! Your skill are to be commended! Top notch on the design and execution there in!! Thank You for sharing with Us here Later Russ ;)
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    1950 Ford Zombie Hunter

    ;D Thank You CT ;)
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    1950 Ford Zombie Hunter

    :P Dawn of the Apocalypse up grade kit? Where do you guys find these things! Freakin' awesome! Please tell me, PLEASE! ;D
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    Dodge L-700 Command Vehicle

    :o Absolutely Stunning Bruce! Can I get a website from you on this DWC place? Looks like some very interesting stuff would very much like to check it out Thank You for sharing Later Russ ;)
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    66 Malibu

    :o WHOA! Killer build Thank You for sharing Later Russ ;)
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    Zombie Fighter Mustang

    :P Scott just figured out the way to the videos on thee tube! WHOA! Thank You so much for this! I just bumped the site up on my to watch list! WHOA! Very, very, impressive, All of this content! WOW! Thank You for sharing this I will be watching so much more! WOW! Later Russ ;)
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    Camaro Z28 Dawn of the Apocalypse Zombie Car

    :o WHOA! :o
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    Big John’s 41 Willys Gasser

    ::) Say, how is this one coming along? I love a good Willys, but, a great one is even better! Thank You for sharing Later Russ ;)