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    Goliath vignette *FINISHED*

    Re: Goliath vignette looks awesome
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    GTK Boxer

    great job
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    The Tales of two 'Technical' Pick-up trucks

    looks great
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    looks awesome so far ;D
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    HobbyBoss 1/35 - 152mm ShkH vz.77 DANA

    Great build
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    Academy 1/35 South Korean K9 Thunder

    looks great :)
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    russian sherman

    looks good
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    King Tiger 1/35 Tamiya

    pretty cool build
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    1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ /"Finished"

    Re: 1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ Awesome build
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    Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

    Pretty cool build. :)
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    Detailing a engine

    you can also use wires fro0m old phone lines or cat cables. You have pre wired distributors out there. Elm city has them. Parts by parks are a good brand to use. You can also use wire from walmart craft section. Hope that helped.
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    Hello From Snowy Finland!

    Welcome to the herd.
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    Welcome to the herd.
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    Hi from West Coast of scotland

    Welcome to the herd.