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    Paint color help

    Good point. I'll check it out. I know 0.0000001% about military vehicles. But I have always wanted this kit since I was a kid.
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    Paint color help

    Ok, I picked up the Tom Daniels "Rommel's Rod" kit. Looking for someone to give me an accurate paint brand and color for airbrushing so I can make it look decent. I know its not a real car, but I'm trying to get the African vehicle color close. Thanks for any help Glen
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    Hello from Moline, IL

    Hello, I am a Graphic Designer with about 17 years experience, currently working for a hardware store, and going to school to get a teaching degree in Art. I enjoy building pretty much anything, some of my favorites are Sci-Fi, Automotive, Dinosaurs, and WWII planes, any scale. Some of the...
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    Spaceman Spiff comic strip model

    Way too creative. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the next steps. Glen
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    Polar Lights: NX-01 Enterprise: 1/350

    Grendels Not sure if you have these or not, they were listed on the Polar Lights website when they issued the NX-01. High Res images of the ship from all views. Good reference for paint and Aztec pattern. Top Side Rear Front Bottom Glen
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    Old Jalopy

    Looks way cool. love the weathering. Glen
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    Star Wars Millenium Falcon Parts ID Guide

    A loose translation via Google Translator: and if you want to build a scratch falcon, look at Tim Ketzer's site: I...
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    1932 Ford Dio

    What started out as a custom chop top, ended up as a custom rust bucket, due to the fact that the frame and the fenders were molded together in this kit and it wouldn't have worked for what I was trying to originally achieve. The rusted out body was ground out from the inside with a Dremel...