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    Mercury 9

    Fantastic job moving along with this build Grendels. Call it sadistic but, I like seeing another modeller having to fix and overcome goof ups and mistakes as much as I do. Masterful perseverence! Rob W.
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    Cylon Raider

    This update is a long time coming... I have been working on contest builds and AMPS website reviews. I have set aside one day a week to continue working on my cylon raider. I have done a lot of work to this sucker and I am determined that it will not be in vain! So, here are some updated...
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    Great pics, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure putting a face to some of you guys out there in SMA land. Great contest and I had a lot of fun! Rob Witt
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    Abrams Tusk II. The Absolute Power

    Digging your work Jose. Keep plugging along.
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    Super clean build so far! Love painting on the wooden handled tools.
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    British SE5

    Just wanted to say it's fantastic to see a modeller modeling and not just assembling. great work so far and look forward to more details. Remember to have fun!
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    T-20 Komsomolets w/ 37mm Pak

    That horn Makes the kit! Looks like another gun, it's so big. AAROO-GAA....BANG! Rob W.
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    T-20 Komsomolets w/ 37mm Pak

    Looking sweet Brother! I love seeing unusual subjects. Can only take so many Jagd-what-evers and "Cat" tanks. Rob W.
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    Cylon Raider

    Just a small update on my lack of progress, for those interested. I am currently working on an AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) review build for the AMPS website. So, I have had to put this back on the "self for a couple of weeks untill I finish the review. Thanks! Rob W.
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    T-20 Komsomolets w/ 37mm Pak

    That's quite the undertaking. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Fantastic job on the interior! Rob W.
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    South Oroville Railroad

    Great Job! Thats looks like a fantastic Man Cave. Keep posting updates. Rob W.
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    I just wanted to say thank you Scott for putting on a great contest and you did a great job pronouncing Alfklarungspanzer! Thanks you to everyone that voted for my tank. And a big Congrats to MJ for dominating our butts. And also to all the other participants really fantastic modeling guys! Rob W.
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    Schleppin' around on th OST Front

    Fantastic job so far PA007. I have one half built myself. Look forward to seeing your completed! Rob W.
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    Revell 251 with wurfrahmen 40

    Fantastic job! Love the wood structure around the rockets! Rob W.
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    what do yall think?

    Nice composition. Cool little scene.