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    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Thanks. Royal light grey was what I was thinking also. I bought some of it already. I'll also try the insignia white over a shadow coat of black.
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    T-70 X-Wing Blue 4

    Looks good. What weathering did u do. I'm concerned about. Using enamel and oil washes on bandai kits
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    Clone Trooper 1:12 Bandai model

    Bandai kit. Wasn't aware this one was out
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    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Really nice. I have mine built just waiting to be painted. What color did u use? I see so many different versions but yours looks spot on
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    Desert Patrol Craft

    Wow. Excellent weathering techniques
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    Bandai's new Star Wars mecha collection kits

    They are up on Amazon. Sd is very small :'(
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    RTX-65 Guntank early version

    Are u planning on lighting this one? Or are u going for a straight build.
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    bandai shadow trooper

    Bandai actually sells this version?
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    1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan FINISHED

    Re: 1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan Looks real good. Great work on the scribing of the panel lines I have at least 20 older 1/72 kits I want tombuild but need to scribe lines for. I like your technique
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    Tamiya M41 Bulldog

    Wash looked great. I don't use black for my washes on tanks. They play in the dirt so burnt umber is good looks like dirt piled in the creases
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    Tank #2 M48A2 Patton

    They specialize more in plans kits. 1/48 and such. Most of those are quite good
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    False advertising in model kits

    I popped into hobby lobby and picked up the 1/72 academy f-16a kit #12444. The box art was nice and the completed kit on the side was well done with detail and nice decals. When I got home and opened it I was floored. It was some old yf-16 kit. Real piece of junk. I don't blame hl for it...
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    Bandai First Order Stormtrooper--FN-2199

    Good guild up. Can't remember if the troopers in tfa we're flat coat or gloss. Didn't seem to glossy to me. Really like the riot stick versiob
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    NX-01 ISS Enterprise Refit/Rebuild

    Very nice build.