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    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

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    Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor + TIE Fighter

    Basically no paint! Another one with minimal paint and weathering! A bit "chunkier" than the Fine Molds, but still has the look :)
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    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Brilliant!! :o :o :o
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    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Love it. Can't wait to see the pearl effect!!
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    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Good tip! I'm a big fan of Mr Surfaced 1500 but it's pricey too.
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    1/350 Juggernaut

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    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    Thanks guys. They are 3.5"
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    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    SIX of them!! WOOT! All custom decals.
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    Bandai 1/72 X-Wing Blue Leader

    Super quick 1-hr build know it was getting the minimalist paint treatment: white primer, insignia white base coat. No detail painting at all. Markings are custom decals mixed with tiny bits of scraps. I scoured over the refs for this one to replicate the weathering using Tamiya and MiG pigments...
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    Bandai 1/12 Clone Trooper

    For your viewing pleasure. Done in about 3 days. Built in 1 hr, decals applied over the course of a few hours on and off, clear coats and weathering. OH I also flat coated the black and glossed the white before assembly. Methinks this is a prime kit to make some add-ons. I'd love to make...
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    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

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    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Royal Light Gray with a dusting of a lighter gray. It's still a little dark to me. I've since done a couple more using insignia white and they are spot on.
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    Hera's A-wing from Rebels. (WIP)

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    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron

    NICE work!!
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    Bandai A-wing fighter "Jade Seven"

    I like the green! This kit looks super fun