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    Dio: A Meeting of Scouts

    Wow did you just scratch build a tank in 8days!!!! I would not be this far in a build if it was a kit!! Amazing
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    You win a swiffer box ... So you can clean that model :p
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    Help on getting started thoughts ideas? cheap. ect

    Couple of things i can sugest, Glue : the best around is the Tamiya Extra thin (green cap) i tried so many different one before i got to this and wondered why i didnt get any before! Workbech : if you dont want to spen for a cutting mat , get a cheap dollar store wood chopping board, it will...
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    What happened?

    Its summer!! gotto mow the lawn swim in the pool , play golf... rip out 3 tons of weeds just to turn around and see 3 more tons just grew back...
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    Prizes coming from John Simmons (AK, Wilder, LifeColor etc)

    Got my Ak Mag in the mail today, its really nice. quick question , are you also handeling these other prizes ? Air 3rd: A Book from MMP Books P51 Decal set from AMDG Decals
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    Grendel's prizes!

    Im betting on canada to be the last received ironically
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    Grendel's prizes!

    LOL Oh i see.. no worries i was just curious what it meant
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    Grendel's prizes!

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    Grendel's prizes!

    Very generous of you ! Always nice to see all these contributions
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    PM Sent. BTW who got the Dirty theme awards ?
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    Congrats to all the winners, this was again a real fun BSC. Thanks to Scott and all the moderators that made this possible
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    Huey Helicopter 1/35 MRC

    Oliver your so hunble.. I followed you progress on LSP and you are an amazing master builder.. Your work is pure amazibg skills Welcome to sma!
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    Trumpeter 1:24 bf109G-10

    My mind just got blown....
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    2015 Contest Q&A

    Lol ouf i tought no one got it!!! Lol
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    2015 Contest Q&A

    oh now thats cool. what category has a TIE ? scifi only had X-Wings this year no TIE's there :P lol ok ill get my coat...