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    Aoshima Lamborghini Sesto Elemento instruction error

    If ever I build that kit, I'll know what to expect. Thanks!
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    Autonomous Auto Racing

    Creepy stuff!
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    1970 Ford Tuskegee Mustang :)

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    Batmobile - 1966 Deluxe Edition **Finished Pics on Page 3

    So far, so good! Looking forward to more bat modeling goodness!!
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    Zoukei Mura P51D Concept Notes

    Sounds interesting.
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    FOR SALE: Bandai Star Wars Kits

    Hello my fellow modeling addicts! It's good to be back again and I have some yummy deals for you guys and gals! Once again I've purchased more then I can realistically get to and with other projects demanding my attention, I've got stuff for sale. These are priced to move!! 1). 1/144 X-Wing...
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    FA-18, B-1B, C-17, Lightning, SU-15... catching up. ;)

    Very nice work!
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    1/144 F-104S Nato Tiger Meet 1988

    Really nice work on such a tiny bird!! :D
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    Classic Airframes TA-4J Skyhawk

    Very nice, I've never seen the tail making before, cool!
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    1/48 Me-262 Tamiya

    Excellent work, it's at museum quality! I've been itching to build an Me 262, maybe I do that soon! Keep up the fine work!
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    Revelle 144th F117 stealth fighter

    Not bad, not bad at all.
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    Ford Fiesta RS WRC - Airfix 1/32

    Excellent work!
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    Gigant 1/700 from Conan The Boy Future.

    Whoa, very cool and rare subject!!
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    1/48 F-18 World Famous "Golden Dragon"

    Very nice work indeed! Happy modeling! :)
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    Wondering About the AMT F/A-18A Hornet Kit.

    Yeah, I could do that, thanks!