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    Into Darkness Enterprise NCC-1701

    Glad to see you're taking her up again! ;D
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    Enterprise NX-01 Refit---NEW VIDEO!

    Re: Enterprise NX-01 Refit SWEET!
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    Aliens Class II Power Loader

    Unloading your massive skillz on dis bad boy! Awesome work as usual!!!! :D
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    1/400 Godzilla 1992 (vinyl)

    WOW! He looks great! I especially like the black and white pic! ;)
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    FF-X7 Core Fighter 1/35

    That looks awesome! :D
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    STEAM-PUNKin What was I thinking?

    Thank you! :) I just sold him a couple weeks ago. I might have more pix on my facebook page. I have a smaller one I have started, and will finish hopefully soon. :)
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    T2 Aerial Hunter Killer

    How cool! Pegasus has really made some very kewl and interesting kits! :) I will have to get me one of these! ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    ATHENA - Steampunk Airship

    Very nice! :D
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    Moebius Space Pod

    Kewlio! Looking forward to the next video! :D
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    Mercury 9

    Yes John, it is a great piece!!! Even if one of the engines isn't pulsing. What an endeavor! Wasn't this one started for the BSC 2012?
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    USS Voyager Build

    OMG! I hope you guys' home survives! I hope they can gain control of the fire. :( You will be in our thoughts!
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    Voyager 1:48 Build (No, not the Star Trek One)

    But it IS the Star Trek one. ;) It was "V'ger" in Star Trek T.M.P. ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    ATHENA - Steampunk Airship

    Lookfs absolutely fantastic, and excellent recovery from the "incident". :)
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    Into Darkness Enterprise NCC-1701

    Yes, that sounds like exactly what I was talking about earlier..... I think the purpose of the "Aztec-ing" should NOT to be to produce just a step and repeat two-tone pattern because that is NOT how a ship would be realistically constructed. In S.T. T.M.P. You really see a LOT of varied colors...