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    Dragon M4A3 Shermie

    Ok finally get back and Ken's building a sherman and all I see is one pic, ONE!!!!! ;D LOL!!! Can't wait to see what you do bud!
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    Tamiya 1/350 CVN-65 Enterprise

    Hey there eightfoot! 65 bucks!!! that's a STEAL!!! I'm in the middle of building that lovely beast! I used Gold Medal Models PE on her, along with their decal sets. Both for the ship and the airwing. The two biggest area's to watch out are the seams for the flightdeck and the seam on the hull...
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    My U-69

    Holy crap! :o Got some sweet work going on there bud! Beautiful detailing! But ah after the first page what happened? ;) Oh maybe it has to do with the pic of your wife letting her feelings show!? LOL!!! ;D ;D The pic of the Trident is of the old screw used up until the 90's. They were quiet...
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    Afrika Tiger

    Looking awful pretty there woutmiester!
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    DAK Tiger

    The chipping was done using a small piece of foam and vallejo camo black brown. The traks are are painted with a home made mix and drybrushed with hobby color silver. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    DAK Tiger

    For the base coat I used Lifecolor olive drab. The tools and tow cables are painted with metallic gray and the wood is lifecolor dark wood. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    DAK Tiger

    Hi everyone sorry for the lag in posting, home stuff turned into working a shut down at Millstone power station. Ok I got alot of pics here! First is a pic of the directions for the AFV tracks. With putting these traks together tamiya extra thin needs to be used sparingly, had a few traks glue...
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    And some more! [attachment deleted by admin]
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    More Pics! [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Hey everyone! Scott it was great to meet you and Ken at the show! Looking forward to next years show, hopefully we'll have more time sit and talk! Got some pics of the show! Here's a shot of me taking a shot of Todd taking a shot of me! Next is Scott all smiles! And Ken taking a nap after a long...
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    T-20 Komsomolets w/ 37mm Pak

    I have never seen that kit! Awesome job Panzerman! Those figs will make the kit stand out, although I think it's an eye catcher just being an odd kit!
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    DAK Tiger

    Thanks Tanker! Thanks bill! I should have a update shortly Home stuff to take of.
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    DAK Tiger

    Thanks Tanker! The tracks I got for the Tiger are the AFV workable tracks. Not to bad to put together for the price. $25. I'll try and get some pics of the for you, camera dosn't like to do close ups. Work on the tiger has been slow, using PE from the parts bin and plastruct was able to get...
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    DML s.IG.33 auf pz III

    Tracks looking good spud! tools are coming out nice!
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    DAK Tiger

    Thanks John! No haven't read the book yet but it is on my list! I plan on doing the tiger as on of the 501 tigers painted olive drab.