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    1/48 Academy F-86F30... DONE! :)

    Lovely build, well done, think u nailed the NMF!
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    Academy MH 60s. 1/35 scale

    This is amazing!! :o hats off mate! Detail is outstanding! Can not wait for the next installment. Thank u for sharing!
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    2 AT-STs looking for trouble...

    Man these are the dawgs!! :o fantastic work and awesome dio! Am so getting a pair the try and replicate. I can but only hope they would look as well. Thank u for sharing!!
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    Tamiya F-16CJ Block50 1/72 - Ready for Inspection

    Cheers Chris, yea very happy with way it turned out. Will be sure to bring along. Lookig forward to it . Take it easy!
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    Huey Helicopter 1/35 MRC

    This is an amazing piece of work....just incredible!! I can see exactly why this took so long. Thank u for sharing!!
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    Academy ROK UH1-D Huey 1/48 - Ready for Inspection

    This kit gave me serious headaches. Unteal amount of filling and sanding due to terrible fit. Hope u's all like. Any comments welcome and appreciated. Pearse
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    Tamiya F-16CJ Block50 1/72 - Ready for Inspection

    Hey all, eventually getting round to posting pics of a few of my builds. Loved building this little beauty. Hope u all like, any comments welcome and much appreciated. Pearse
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    Star Destroyer Diorama "The Remains of an Empire"

    Class idea! This is gonna be epic!! Hurry up and get back to the bench..we want progress pics lol
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    Captured P-51B Tamiya 1/48

    Love It!! Fantastic finish/weathering and great wee dio!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Zero A6M2B - 1/72 Airfix

    Lovely little Zero...looks the dawgs for 1/72 :) Thanks for sharing!
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    PzIII Ausf J Winter 41/42

    Very...very Nice! Look forward to finished pics :)
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    '70 Challenger T/A

    This is just lovely!!. Great finish. Thanks for sharing!
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    Miami Vice 1/12 Testarossa Build

    Oh yes looking forward to this one! :)
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    1/48 B-17G Chowhound

    This is great, fantastic idea of cutting away sections to show interior. Have never seen done before so will be watching with interest.
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    Airfix Ford fiesta

    Fantastic Fiesta my friend! Weathering is on the money!! 5 ***** must check out this flory wash now :) Thanks for sharing