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    Catagory Question Quick question guys. I'm thinking of building a "Strange Change Time Machine" this contest. Would you consider it a SCI-FI entry or a diorama? Its a little of both.
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    IM NEW LOOKING FOR HELP (ac-130 spector)

    Mini craft makes a basic skill level kit. I also saw the same kit on ebay in a lot of 4 planes. Hope this helps.
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    Into Darkness Enterprise NCC-1701

    Ambitious bridge design. Good luck
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    Grendel's Prize giveaway....

    So I get home yesterday from a business trip and I see my package on the front porch. I open it up much to my surprise a great kit and a bag of beaver nuggets. Grendles you are now one of my kids heroes . They absolutely loved them. Thanks for the great spirit and awoke gift.
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    My First Diorama! ''Luftwaffe Crew''

    Solid start keep up the great work
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    CyberHobby 1/35 M26 Pershing In Korea

    Good job. I've seen a lot of models with realistic snow on them but yours goes beyond that and ads realistic ice. Usually ice ends up looking like coagulated fat. You portray the cold look well. Looks like you would have to have some gloves on to touch it.
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    Finished: ZOID Shield Liger

    Nice transformation. It's good meld between the classic and a WW2 style.
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    ATHENA - Steampunk Airship

    Love the steampunk theme. Its a great art style. Good to see she didn't permanently stay on the shelf. are the murals print outs or did you draw them yourself?
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    Contest Chatter

    ;D Got glue poisoning and 3 stitches during the contest. Had 2 coronaries and a mild stroke waiting for the results. When can we start again. Congrats to all who entered.
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    Contest Chatter

    2 entries. 2 last places. Does anyone have a copy of "Building Models for Dumbies?" I can borrow?
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    Contest Chatter

    Tic Toc Tic Toc.......... and we all hold our breath
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    The Fiddler Mech 1/35

    This is an interesting kit. Great job on the paint. Do you have any pictures that show the parts break down? Maybe some WIP pics?
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    Good luck. Those will be some interesting angles to scratch. Keep us posted.
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    Re: NYLON GAG MK 1? I have never seen this amount of imagination and ingenuity on any project before. I hope the boys over at the magazine does an article on this build. You have some amazing skills. What is your background. Are you in engineering or design?
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    ZOID Shield Liger Restoration

    Are you going for an anime themed finish or a realistic one (well as realistic as Sci Fi can get)?