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    1/24 Fujimi Porsche 356B Roadster 1600s

    All 356's I've seen after being restored have had a satin black undercarriage. I have never seen a mint unrestored 356 to know how they were from factory. More than likely thebottom of the car would have had what ever base ( such as primer or sealant to prevent corrosion ) then it would have had...
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    1/24 Fujimi Porsche 356B Roadster 1600s

    I love the 356 in full race dress! It's a tuff call for me as to weather I like the old vintage road race look, or a more modern version on the old 356. I know it's tuff to find a cooler color on a 356 (though it was used to death on them) than Porsche Silver Met. That color jsut fits that car...
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    1/24 Fujimi Porsche 356B Roadster 1600s

    Thats a cool old kit. I would be hard pressed to not make it race version myself. Matching factory colors can be a huge pain. I would first start by researching the 356 on the net. I would choose the color combo I wanted to go with then begin looking at differant paint manufacturers color...
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    Pearl Harbor P-40

    letsgobrowns82, the Baron, JMac, Thanks for the kind words guys.
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    Pearl Harbor P-40

    Yes, the rudder is a seperate piece o this kit. It has been a blast to build. I have bought 4 of them already. For the money it is at the top of the board as far as 1/72 P-40 kits go. Airfix nocked it out of the park on this one as well as about 7 other kits I have bought from them recently...
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    Threesome with twins! TWin P-40F's and Curtis XP-55 Ascender

    Moving forward! I got the two P-40 kits I needed. I first mocked up the twin with P-40E's, and I didn't like the look, so I decided to go with P-40M's as they have a slightly longer tail. This looked much more proportional. I started making patterns for the center wing halves. and I have started...
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    Pearl Harbor P-40

    I got her all buttoned up less the lighting details. Local Hobby shop is out of the transparent colors I need so I'm going to have to wait till next week to finish the lights. But here are the pics of her all together. This was a very fun build, and fitting I finished her up on Veterans Day.
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    Ju388- all done!

    Stunning work! Great dedication, and a build well worthy of the cause it was built for. Steller job my friend!
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    Wings & Wheels

    I thought some of you would like to see these old photos of airplanes I recieved recently. All are very cool aircraft and some have super cool cars in them as well. Enjoy.
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    1/48 PBJ-1J Marine Strafer

    :o Wow! Very cool!
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    1:24 VFS P-47 D-30 Thunderbolt "Wee Speck"

    This is an awesome build so far! I extremely inspired by your work on this! Feel free to just box that up when your finished and send it to me!!! I have a spot in my display case already picked out! ;D All kidding aside, this is going to be a beautiful model. Your doing an amazing job and...
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    Italeri Grumman F7F Tigercat

    :o Beautiful build! Love the weathering, but really like the exhaust stains. Can I ask what your method was to do that? It's very realistic looking.
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    1/48 Helldiver SB2C-4 Accurate Miniatures.

    Very nice build.
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    Pearl Harbor P-40

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'll have an update by the weekend. Hope to have it finished up by then.
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    Beautiful build Terry! Very nice! Thats one to be proud of my friend!