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    Re: NYLON GAG MK 1? Superrrrrrrrrrrr......... i am speechless
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    AT-TE Republic Cargo walker (custom)

    This will be interesting.....can't wait see the finish....Not danish :P
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    1/25 chevy cameo

    Great work my friend....look perfect....can you tell us how did you make the rust effect..(lower area)
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    Millennium Falcon (Ralph McQuarrie Concept Version)......finishing touches

    Niceeeeee..... Can you tell me how did you make the hull damage....looks great. I want to apply the same techique to my AT-AT
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    Star Blazer * esque Kitbash of Type VII U boat ( 36")

    My friend you have a totally awsome imagination ...This will be cool
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    Revell 1/72 Gato Class

    Thank you... I use this dry pastel crayon for wheatering... Mostly white and light yellow. to give salt water effect. And brown mixed dark red with turpentine for rust ....
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    M-41 Walker Bulldog Tamiya 1/35

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    Revell BTR-70 1/35

    I guess your right's needed....thank you
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    CMP C15TA Armored Ambulance....DONE :)

    Exellent finish.....congrad.
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    Thomas' 1st model!! (SnapTite Xwing)

    Great job Thomas..... You have Talent :)
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    Revell 1/350 Uboot

    Thank you for sharing your experience....
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    1/72 Horton Go 229

    Nicely it... This is the grandmother of B2 ;D
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    Revell 1/350 Uboot

    My friend....your works are very very nice.... Please teach me how you make this water effects... I liked the pic with the U-Boot Type VII D...
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    My First Diorama! ''Luftwaffe Crew''

    This is gonna be nice.....
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    My Another 1/350 TOS Enterprise Build Thread

    totally cool .... can't wait untill it's finish.....this will be great.