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    CVN 65 circa 1976 finished

    Great job. Im gettimg ready to start mine soon. Hopefully I can do it justice.
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    1/48 F-18 World Famous "Golden Dragon"

    Great work!
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    Academy M1151

    Its been forever since I updated this build but its almost done!
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    Let's get this party started - What have you decided to build???

    Not going crazy this year with a.m. parts. Just a simple Mig build straight o.o.b. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Very nice!!!
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    62 Catalina Barn Car

    Awesome work :o
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    Kinetic 1/35 RG-31

    Freakin killer!!!! Love the skull on the back!!!
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    Thanks a lot Maverick. Its mostly AK Interactive OIF/OEF wash with some rust here and there Thanks Zappa
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    Getting closer every day. I still need to weather the trailer wheels but that's no biggie. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Dragon SEP or AIM

    Looking for the dragon SEP kit #3536 or the AIM (don't know the kit number). If you have one and want cash for it send me a message.
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    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire MkIXc Late

    Love it. I absolutely love Spitfire's! Great work
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    Well here is todays little project. I only bought the resin wheels for the tractor not the kit for the trailer too. So I am going to start working on these today. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    Yes it is huge but worth it!
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    So with two other builds getting attention on my bench I have just kinda been going to this every now and again to do a little weathering. I wanted this to look really dirty and oily/grimy. Its definitely getting there. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Hobby Boss M1070

    Thank you very much cargoman!