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    Polar Lights 1/8 Wicked Witch of the West

    Neat model. It's great that you got a deal on something you have been wanting. I've always loved the Flying Monkeys. I want one for a pet. I wonder how hard they are to house Break?
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    Nothing wrong with a Hot Chick, Looking Hot:^)
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    1/35 Kugelpanzer from Das Werk Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    Brilliant Job as usual. I seem to remember there was a Saturday Cartoon in the 60's where the Protagonist and Antagonist raced giant wheels like this. Can't remember the name.
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    Had a thought an amusing pose for a pilot in a scene like this might be holding a clipboard. Doing a pre operation check list? Not at all sure this is original?
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    Very Nice
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    Trumpeter M1131 Stryker Fire Support Vehicle WIP

    Really good model, realistic looking. As an aside once I was driving on the Freeway in So Cal when a Column of those thing zipped past. They are really big and tall. Even though there was no actual danger the guys sticking out of the top hatches reflexively ducked when they went under an overpass:^)
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    All four of the colors on the chair work real well
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    I know this a weird thing to key in to but the upholstery on the chair is realy Realistic.
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    Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype

    That's nice, good fabric effect.
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    German WWII Submarine Type XXI (Elektroboot) - Design, construction & assembly

    I don't know how many time I read Iron Coffins in Junior High. But it was a lot.
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    Star Wars TX-225 Tank Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    Thanks for indulging me it was driving me nuts. Now it is explained.
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    Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion 1.4FD Laser Canon

    Excellent model, it will look really nice on the wargame table model.
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    Star Wars TX-225 Tank Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    Thanks, You would know just by the weight if it was hollow. So the only thing I can figure is they use air pressure to push plastic against the walls of the mold internally. I'd really like to know for sure though. Think about how most of the models you encounter have at least two halves that...
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    Star Wars TX-225 Tank Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    It's really fun to watch you work. There are so many times I think you're done but you have something else to do and it is a net improvement. I've watched this through twice. I am really curious about how the model was manufactured. From what little I know about injection mold making (learned...
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    1/72 Modelcollect "Fist of War" UA72139

    Really neat model and and base. So these guys make random kits belonging to no particular mythos? What is the nominal scale?