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    POLL: Are you entering the 2015 BSC?

    Yes sir. Also hoping to use this as a springboard to get back into forum life. -Kenneth
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    Re listed items, Prices reduced... Lots of Armor.

    -Models for sale. 1/35 unless otherwise noted. -All prices include shipping. -Continental US/Puerto Rico only please -PAYPAL preferred. -Message me if you're interested Dragon Sdkfz 138/1 Grille M #6429 $30 Dragon Sdkfz 251 D 3in1 #6233 $35 Dragon Wirbelwind #6540 $35 Dragon Stug IV Early...
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    Youtube video on diorama building from Central Arkansas Scale Modelers

    I wanted to share a video of a demonstration/discussion on dioramas from one of our club members back a few months ago. hope you guys can glean some useful information from it. -Kenneth
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    Dawn of the Apocalypse Contest

    Fantastic job Scott for organizing the contest and a big big thanks to Dark World Creations for the sponsorship! There were so many cool projects, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's work! I am very proud that Cheyenne was chosen for an award. The figure by the way is a modern Russian officer...
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    Last Hope Landrover

    Thats a kickass paint job! Love the mis-matched look! Well done. -Kenneth
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    Agreed, some great ideas spinning around for the last couple of months! -Kenneth
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    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    Well done, clear story line. The meng trucks make a wonderful base for such conversions.
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    Zombie Fighter Mustang

    Epic build so far Scott!
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    Last Hope Landrover

    Nice start. Hard to beat a Landy.
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    Dodge L-700 Command Vehicle

    Camper was a very clever idea!.. Armed to the teeth.
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    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    Very cool!
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    Zombie Fighter Mustang

    looking really wicked so far Scott! Love the hodge-podge look!
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    Dawn on the Farm

    That's awesome. In fact I have EXACTLY the same kit that I started a couple of years ago to make a zombie truck from. I'm interested to see what you make of it!
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    Zombie Fighter Mustang

    I love how it's shaping up Scott. The flares will work but you've sure got some work ahead of you. Cut away the body under the flares. I helped a friend build a jeep charokee once and we did basically the same thing. To clear the tires he moved the fender flares up, screwed them to the body and...