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    Secret Santa 2016 is on!

    I'm in.
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    any news for secret santa 2016?

    It's going to go forward - news forthcoming.
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    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

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    The 'Junkster' Pod Racer

    Very cool.
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    Just finished my bandai falcon

    Very cool
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    Star Wars Imperial Dockyard.

    Very cool.
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    BSC 2016 VOTE

    Congratulations to Quaralane for top spot in this years' BSC! That A Wing looks great man. Congrats to everyone for getting involved and thank you for supporting the site.
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    BSC 2016 VOTE

    OK - Since we've had 10 final entries we are going to 'lump' them all together for the final vote - minus the one Shelf-Queen entry (which wins that by default - congrats. :) ) Please select your 3 favourites and the poll will determine who gets most votes and therefore top 3 winners. Not a...
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    BSC 16

    Well contest has closed - thanks all for your participation. We have a total of 10 final entries. Since the number is low I'm going to setup some polls to use as voting. I'm pretty swamped at work so please give me until the end of the week to get that setup.
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    BSC 16

    Until Sunday night.
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    BSC 16

    I just created a 2016 BSC Final Entries Category. Final photos can be posted there.,154.0.html Please title your entry: CATEGORY - BUILD TITLE No more than 6 pics please - 1 video You can write a description at the top of your post
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    BSC 16

    DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sunday July 10th, end of day. Spread the word!
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    Snowspeeder Attack !

    Great work, been seeing that on Facebook and wondered whos it was. Nice.
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    Red 3 (all wings report in continues)

    Looks great.
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    1/35 Mark IV Tadpole in German Freikorps Service. "finished "

    Re: 1/35 Mark IV Tadpole in German Freikorps Service. Looking really good.