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    All Open TNG Industries MK.1 #141238 InterStellar Tow ship

    Very cool. Love the awesome detail, painting and weathering. Just fantastic.
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    Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Build-FINISHED!!!

    Re: Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Build Not only awesome, inspired work, but also wonderful photos! Looking forward to more.
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    Revell Voyager - slow progress!

    Just caught up with your build. Truly great work, especially for someone just returning to the hobby. I'll be labeled a heretic, but Voyager was my favorite Trek show. Though I like all the shows, that Voyager ship just floors me.
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    Jonny Quest

    You did a great job. I especially like the way you finished the base. Do you know who manufactured that kit?
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    Sexy Mermaid

    Wow, that's amazing.
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    Gray Wizard

    Very well done, indeed.
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    23rd Century "Pistol" (Phaser)

    Sweet! A very nice job. Great pics, too.
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    1/2500 Enterprise B

    I look forward to seeing your progress. I've always loved that version.
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    Hello from North Carolina, USA

    Hi, I'm James from North Carolina. Been modeling for almost 45 years. Can't model much anymore due to health, so I enjoy seeing what others are doing instead. Recently ran across SMA on YT and truly like it. I look forward to seeing your photos and comments. James
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    Updated list w/more kits -Variety of Kts from Moenius, Polar Lights, AMT & More

    Hi - I recently discovered SMA on YouTube and have been catching up. Really like what I see. Unfortunately I've been selling my stash for the past few months due to health issues preventing me from building much more. I hate to see them go but would rather see them built than languish...